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Bernard Capulong

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The Hill-Side Selvedge Chambray Handkerchief

Editor’s Note: The handkerchief is a rather underrated and often overlooked EDC staple. It has many more uses than just personal hygiene. Personally, I’ve never even blown my nose into mine!

I’ve used my handkerchief to:

  • Wipe the sweat off my brow B)
  • Serve as a placemat for potato chips
  • Wipe my laptop screen
  • Avoid touching dirty shopping cart handles
  • Erase notes off of a whiteboard, etc.

The handkerchief’s versatility really shines in its application from day to day situations to emergency survival situations as well. For example, in case of a fire, a damp handkerchief tied as a facemask can help filter smoke. With some creativity and the right EDC attitude you can find a good use for a handkerchief in your life.

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