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I am an 8th-grade teacher in Portland, Oregon. I have worked through a number of EDC setups over the years, and this one is near-perfect for me. Everything is carried in a pair of jeans. I like quality items, and don’t mind spending money for the right thing, but function trumps form. 
Seiko Sumo - High Lumes, great automatic movement, hackable, works with many styles of straps, and wears small for being a big diver.
Curtiss F3 Compact - I’ve owned more knives than any other EDC item. I’ve found some things I just prefer, such as Ti framelocks and flippers. But, I never need anything bigger than a sub-three-inch blade. So really, the Curtiss is pretty much it. It’s worth the admission price to me, and I have not lusted after another knife since obtaining it.
Zebralight SC52 - I’ve had McGizmo, HDS, Prometheus, etc., and the SC52 is just the best light out there. It’s small, takes a normal day-to-day battery, has an awesome UI that allows me instant access to very helpful levels AND the ability to customize the levels. It’s perfect.
Quantum DD - There just isn’t a better keychain light. 
NME Ti bottle opener - I’ve had multiple Atwoods and other custom keychain tools, but let’s be honest: the bottle opener is the thing you actually use. And the NME’s style of opener just works better than all the others. It might not get the same number of “likes” in a forum pocket dump, but it gets beer in me quicker and more efficiently.
Fisher Space Pen w/ Stylus end - A fisher Bullet is the best pocket pen out there. And, since I use a tablet in my job, having a stylus on this one is a no-brainer.
Alox Cadet - Duh. If I were to leave the house with only one of these items, it’d be the cadet.
Obstructures Wallet - I always front-pocket carry a wallet, because I destroy credit cards if I don’t. I was somehow destroying them anyway with a soft wallet. So here you go.

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