My Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry
Industrial Designer in Bay Area, CA
This is my work EDC that stays on me (not in my bag). I keep the Leatherman Squirt and Gerber Shard in the Case logic USB drive shuttle either in my front-left pocket with my phone, or on my belt. The Squirt has been modified with a serrated blade instead of smooth, larger philips with file, key instead of scissors, shorter flathead/bottle opener with package opener gutter. The missing functions are covered in the Victorinox. My right pocket houses the wallet with the para-biner attached to either my belt loop above the pocket or a belt-loop sized loop sewn in my pocket. The messograf pen also goes in the right pocket; I don’t use the clip except sometimes it finds its way into my shirt pocket during the day under constant use. The Altoids Smalls tin goes in my watch/coin pocket. The multifunction card reader is basically a USB on one end, micro USB on the other, and houses a microSDHC card for memory.
As a designer, I’ve become almost dependent on having a large phone with an accurate, pressure sensitive stylus with me at all times. The Messograf is a great pen for making proportional sketches quickly, the Leatherman is extremely useful in so many situations, and everything else gets used quite often as well.

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