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When it comes time to pick an EDC multi-tool, there’s usually a tight trade-off between features and portability. Minimalist tools tend to lack that one key feature you need, or sometimes cram so many tools into a package so small they’re uncomfortable to actually use. On the flip side, tools that try to pack everything under the sun can end up being unwieldy and impractical to carry every day. But with the truly modular design of the Toler Tools UNION, you get a set of full-size quality tools in a package that’s remarkably small for what it has to offer. And the best part is that it’s designed to come apart: giving you the option to use, and carry, each half of the tool independent from the other.

The secret to the UNION’s smart modular design is its unique ability to unfold and separate at the center joint. This allows you to take a feature set that normally requires you to lug around a tool box, and place it in a pants pocket or in a belt sheath instead. The UNION come with a serious set of tools, starting with its stand-out accessory: a self-adjusting, ratcheting OMNILOCK wrench. It’s ready to take on large tasks with the ability to accommodate ¼”-¾” hex bolts.

That full-size competency extends to the rest of the tools on the UNION, like the integral spring-loaded pliers on the other side. Then there’s the locking 3.125” D2 steel drop-point blade with a large eye-hole for easy one-handed opening in just about any configuration of the larger overall UNION assembly. Thanks to the Union’s multiple hex openings throughout the body of the tool, you can mount the bit driver in multiple orientations depending on the task: a right angle for tight spaces, three different screwdriver configurations, and two positions in the T-handle for extra leverage. Of course, the OMNILOCK wrench lets you conveniently ratchet the bit extender for all those longer jobs. A set of four bits (large and small Phillips, slotted, and hex) come standard with the Union, neatly stowed away in the handle itself. The UNION also comes with two dedicated, locking, pistol-grip saws that’ll let you cut through wood and metal with ease. Finally, a locking diamond file and awl for finishing work on your projects rounds out the set.

Despite its rich feature set, it’s still manageable in your pocket and even more so when separated. It’s especially easy to carry thanks to built-in pocket clips, too. You can reserve a UNION of your own right now at Toler Tools’ fully-funded Indiegogo page at the link below.

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