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It used to be case that for many people, a USB flash drive was an essential bit of EDC gear. Nowadays it’s a bit less common due to the popularity of cloud storage, but even now you’ll see them as part of many an everyday carry ensemble. What once was a tech essential now inspires a different part of EDC with Boker Plus’s new USB OTF knife. Its low-profile flash drive design lets you carry a discreet, lightning quick, and capable edge on you at all times, putting a twist on a classic tactical knife design and giving it fresh new purpose for everyday carry.

At 3″ long and just 1.2 oz in weight the black aluminum handle of this knife looks a lot like its namesake: a simple USB flash drive that fits well on your keychain. But unlike a regular flash drive, the USB OTF features a double-action out-the-front automatic blade deployment mechanism that reveals a blackwashed 1.75″ dip point blade with a hollow ground edge that has an extended belly, as well as a defined tip for excellent piercing and slicing practicality.

Its D2 tool steel makeup means that this small blade can establish keen sharpness and retain that edge despite rough use, even if that’s just opening up a ton of letters and cardboard packages in the office or at home. The large lanyard ring at the pommel of the handle lets you attach it to your keys, but you can also put a bit of braided paracord at the end for an extended grip if you need more purchase for longer term use.

Whether you’re looking for a backup knife or a discreet daily driver, the Boker Plus USB OTF is a great choice. It’s smaller size also helps with any legality issues as well, but as always make sure to check your own local laws and regulations surrounding what you can EDC on your own. Make it your new EDC essential at the link below.

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