Fenix LR80R Rechargeable Searchlight

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There’s a time and place for compact flashlights you can easily handle with one hand and just as easily slip into your pocket. But some professions and situations need the extra mile from a flashlight, and a regular EDC flashlight may not be up to the task. It’s for these cases that Fenix built the LR80R, their most powerful and advanced flashlight yet. It pairs pure output and reach with an easy interface and modern tech to give you the ultimate illumination powerhouse for the most demanding needs.

There’s one number presented front and center when talking about the LR80R, and it’s a big one: 18,000 lumens. That’s not an output many flashlights can reach, and the LR80R manages it thanks to a combination of 6 x Luminus SST70 LEDs and a custom built-in 7.2v 12,000mAh battery. It’s got the power and it can go the distance, to the tune of 1,130 meters or 3,707 feet.

The light operates between a two output modes, High and Low Output: High Output offers four modes between 3,000 and 18,000 lumens, and Low has six modes including a 50-lumen Eco lasting 300 hours, a 1,000-lumen High, and a 6,000-lumen strobe. The interface is divided between two side buttons marking each Output Mode, which also activate electronic lockout as well as indicate remaining battery.

Speaking of battery, the LR80R’s built-in battery pack charges via an included USB-C charging cable and 45W adaptor so you’re able to get back up to full power in four hours. And even better: the light also comes with a USB-A port that lets you charge your devices in a pinch, and its 12,000mAh capacity translates to about eight charges of an iPhone 12. A rubber boot protects these ports and secures the light to an IP68 rating for water and impact resistance, as well.

Despite its size the light also offers versatile carry options, including a detachable handle, tripod socked, and a shoulder strap for ease of carry. The Fenix LR80R may not be the first light you grab for EDC, but it’s more than capable of going the distance when you need it. Pick it up from Fenix at the link below.

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