Kershaw's New DuraLock Knife Lineup for 2023

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The ambidextrous crossbar lock has become extremely popular in the EDC folding knife community. With all the convenience and versatility the technology provides over standard liner and frame lock designs, it’s easy to see why. New in 2023, Kershaw has introduced four everyday carry knives featuring DuraLock, their take on the crossbar lock trend. Each of these knives features a consistent and attractively-modern design that looks good in your hand. We’ll introduce you to each one and explain why they’re great options if you want to add a knife of this style to your everyday carry today.

Kershaw Covalent

It starts with the Covalent, a flipper pocket knife with a lightweight gray polymer handle and a 3.5″ D2 tool steel blade fashioned into a drop-point shape. The polymer handle features the Kershaw DuraLock ambidextrous steel crossbar, and the scales are reinforced with stainless steel for rigidity during rough use.

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Kershaw Monitor

The Monitor takes its design cues from the Covalent, but it sizes things down to more EDC-friendly 3″ D2 tool steel. It also features a discreet blacked-out design, including the blade itself. This knife, just like the Covalent, features an ambidextrous pocket clip, highlighting the versatility of the DuraLock design, letting you carry this knife in any pants pocket.

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Kershaw Heist

If you don’t like flipper-style opening knives because of the risk that they might deploy in your pants pocket accidentally, Kershaw made the Heist to accommodate your needs. The Heist features a 3.1″ D2 tool steel drop-point blade that features manual thumbstud actuation on both sides of the blade. Once you have the knife open, all that’s required to secure it is to pull back on the lock to unlock the edge and bring it back home into its polymer handle.

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Kershaw Iridium

With the Iridium, Kershaw offers an all-metal option for EDCers who are not fans of the polymer handles on the other three knives. The Kershaw Iridium has a 4.25″ grey aluminum handle with a burnt orange lanyard loop at the rear. At 3.38 ounces in total, the Iridium weighs a bit more than the rest, but its increased heft gives the user a feeling of enhanced quality and sturdiness during the cut. And with its 3.5″ spear point D2 tool steel blade, you’ll be able to cut, chop, slice, and pierce your way through the way when you need it.

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