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Fred Freeman
NNSW, Australia
Years of refinement and it hasn't changed much in the last 6 months, I think I've nailed it for my needs now - How do I carry it? Triple Aught Design. Make sure you check out my OCD EDC submission...

Maxpedition Micro Slim Wallet (Contains cash, bank card, a few bandaids and a frenzel lens)
Sunwayman V11Rn on a TAD Retractor (Custom modified by Vinh Nguyen from candlepowerforums - 900lm 4000k on a 14500 lithium)
TAD Fisher Space Pen
Victorinox Rambler (like a classic but with an awesome super tough phillips head screwdriver and bottle opener)
Ultimate Survival Technologies Trekker Stormproof Lighter
Silicon Power Jewel J10 64GB USB3.0 Flash Drive - waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, 90 Mb\/s, lifetime warranty AU$40
Modified NiteIze Eclipse self locking clip (sadly discontinued, luckily I bought 10 before the stopped making them)
Olight box containing Jaybird X2 Bluetooth headphones and a HeartMath Inner Balance sensor
4 TEC Accessories Python Clips
Sherpa Sharpie cover
Victorinox Rambler (like a classic but with an awesome super tough phillips head screwdriver and bottle opener)
TAD Dog Tag
Triple Aught Design Dauntless MOD1 with a NiteIze Eclipse clip
Go tube wrapped in black and white electrical tape (white for labelling things with the Sharpie) and 1” Gorilla Tape - contains a Protected 14500 lithium battery, a couple of tightly folded tissues for first aid, emergency toilet paper, hearing protection etc.
4 TEC Accessories Python Clips
GME TX655 1 Watt Radio on a TAD Retractor
TAD Rexford Rut with a carbon fibre lanyard bead and a glow pull
Maratac Stainless Steel AAA Flashlight with a GITD Diffuser running a protected 10440 lithium
Piece of tourmaline set in sliver
Casio Protrek Triple Sensor Solar Power Watch PRG-510
iPhone 6 Plus 128gb - Jailbroken, holds 5000+ searchable books and offline topographical maps of the whole of Australia]

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Hey Fred, great edc! For future posts please do not put descriptions in the title field for the products, it should be product make and model only. Save the descriptions for the last step in the submission process. (also dashes are not necessary)
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Le Ngo Duy ·
Nice black kits
E. Stone ·
What is the wooden mat that you've laid your EDC on?
Michael VanSickle ·
Nice!! I know where that dog tag came from!
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