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Benchmade 556-1 Mini Griptilian

Ed Jelley
Benchmade 556-1 Mini Griptilian

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The Benchmade Mini Griptilian is one of our favorite EDC knives. Its solid AXIS locking mech is easy to operate with one hand, its versatile blade shape cuts with ease, and its manageable size makes it effortlessly pocketable. New for 2016, Benchmade has upped the ante on their 556-1 Mini Griptilian by adding some premium options to an already excellent knife

Instead of the 154CM steel used on the standard model, the blade on the 556-1 is made of CPM-20CV. With this robust steel, you'll get improved edge retention, increased durability, and better resistance to corrosion. The scales get a facelift as well. They now feature double-layered, blue and grey G10 — a durable fiberglass laminate commonly seen on higher end knives. It offers improved rigidity, chemical resistance, and lighter weight over the standard grip’s resin handles. 

Simply put, they've made a good knife even better and kept everything else that we love the same. Choose a 556-1 with a color, blade deployment, and edge configuration that works for your EDC at the link below.

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I own this model and really like the improved grip of the G10. I found the blade steel strange but knowing Benchmade it had to be an improved steel. The only thing I didn't like was the pocket clip. It was wiggly no matter how hard I cranked it down. I swapped it for the standard split arrow and it was perfect. It could've just be my specific clip. All around great upgrade.
Ed Jelley ·
Awesome! I've only heard good things about this model.
wes mantooth ·
Agreed. The deep carry clip is a bit wiggly on the scale. Other than that, I think these new models are what the Grips always should have been and well deserved upgrade. CPM-20CV steel is very welcome, though I never had an issue with Benchmade's 154CM.
Chris Lunsford ·
i saw this model in a shot show 2016 video from the late boy scout. Just when you think a classic Mel Purdue design can't get any better, Benchmade ups the ante and leaves me impressed by their superior design and craftsmanship. Keep up the good work guys.
Neal Proctor ·
I purchased 2 of them both being first 1000 production models great little knife
guillaume ·
Nice, but (at least in Europe) too expensive imo. For 200 € (in France) I prefer custom handle, or other knives with higher end materials (Caly 3- zdp189 + carbon fiber, sage 2, domino, kizer 3404 s35vn + titanium, mcusta mari- damascus blade and handle, are a few examples)
Huusmann ·
Love the Mini-Grip! IMO (one of) the best EDC blades, ever...
Does anyone know if the updated version still has the nested steel-liners?
I hope they did not replace these with the fiberglass laminate, that would be a major turn-off for me...
Neal Proctor ·
liner is steel and is the same size as the handles themselves with no skeleton holes