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ARS Dog Tag Survival Knife

Ed Jelley
ARS Dog Tag Survival Knife

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For a capable, easy-to-carry emergency kit, you can probably make do with an ordinary Altoids tin. But what if you're looking for something even smaller? The ARS Dog Tag Survival Knife packs 4 essential survival tools into a space no larger than a standard dog tag. The tag itself is both a capable cutting edge and signal mirror, while the housing holds a tiny compass and ferro rod fire starter inside. The 440C steel blade includes two lashing holes, letting you tie the blade to a stick as a makeshift handle. The center hole in the blade also doubles as a window to aim the signal mirror. The tag comes with a 27” chain so you can wear the entire kit on your neck or attach it to your bag. This small, yet all-inclusive kit is ideal as a backup if you hike, climb, camp, or even just leave it in the glove box of your car. Pick up this compact kit for your EDC at the link below.

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