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10 Trending Essentials from February

Bernard Capulong
10 Trending Essentials from February

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Every day, readers like you proudly share their daily carries to the site. When you see something awesome in an EDC photo and click on it, you’re also letting other EDCers know you find that gear interesting. The most popular gear that get the most views and clicks climb their way to the top of the product feed on the right hand side of the homepage for the community to know what’s trending. 

In this gear roundup, I’ll be highlighting some of the noteworthy essentials that topped the list this past (extra long) February. But a quick note before we begin…

The following list is not an exact top 10 ranking from the data. I filtered out some of the usual suspects you probably already know. I've picked a balanced variety of gear from the top 25 spots on the list worth checking out. So, what EDC was most popular? Let's find out…

Suunto Core
As seen in: Action Carry from Pej, an Attorney in San Diego
Used by over 50 EDCers

The Suunto Core digital watch took the top spot last month. Despite its stealthy all-black finish, it stood out to readers with its unique look, bold size, and multi-functionality fit for tactical and outdoors applications alike.

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Fisher Bullet Space Pen
As seen in: my edc bag from Emanuel Melendez
Used by over 560 EDCers

To those in the know, it’s no surprise the Fisher Space Pen tops this list at #2 and the most popular pen of the month. It’s commonly carried for its super pocketable design and write-anywhere performance.

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Gerber Dime
As seen in: Pocket Dump from Duke in Maryland
Used by over 280 EDCers

Another crowd favorite, the Gerber Dime, rightfully secures its place as the fourth most-clicked item of the month. It’s known as an excellent keychain companion and affordable way to add standard multi-tool functionality to your EDC without the bulk.

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Fortius Arms Keybiner
As seen in: My EDC from Boris in California
Used by over 25 EDCers

Key organizers have been popular recently, but the relatively new Keybiner from Fortius Arms caught the attention of readers after an even more streamlined keyring with its integrated carabiner clip and lightweight, skeletonized design.

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Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer
As seen in: Maxpedition Mini from Vilde M, a nautical science student in Norway
Used by over 120 EDCers

If you’re like many discerning EDCers, you might look for two qualities in your gear: portability and functionality. So when you carry plenty of compact essentials to cover your bases, an organizer like this becomes quite compelling. The Maxpedition Mini is a go-to for EDCers with fuller kits, nabbing the 8th spot in February’s trending gear list.

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Herschel Supply Co. Charlie Wallet
As seen in: Keeping Things Simple from Josue, a college student in California
Used by over 30 EDCers

Coming in at 9th most-clicked from the month is this affordable, widely available, and hip minimalist wallet. It's popular especially with students and young professionals, commonly seen in good company with other essentials on this list.

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Jake Hoback Kwaiback
As seen in: Work Pocket Dump from Elden V, a heavy equipment operator in Pennsylvania

This beautiful knife from Jake Hoback had readers drooling over its clean lines and anti-bling materials, securing 11th place on the list. It’s no impulse buy, that’s for sure, but your money’ll get you a well-engineered titanium framelock flipper knife to carry for life.

Buy ($675)

Olight S1 Baton Copper
As seen in: My 2016 EDC from Bard, a computer technician in Norway
Used by 5 EDCers

Maybe it’s because of its eye-catching copper finish. Maybe it’s because it’s smaller than most lights you’ve probably seen before. Or maybe it’s just because this cutting edge light has some of the best features and performance currently available. Whatever the reason, readers found this light interesting enough to place it at spot #18 on the list.

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Kershaw Shuffle 2
As seen in: Silver & Black Carry from Ken, a student in Singapore
Used by over 20 EDCers

This handy EDC knife came in at 19th place, appealing to EDCers with its rugged appearance, unique blade shape and grip texture, and added functionality in its integrated bottle opener handle. The best part? Its excellent value and affordable price.

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Decadent Minimalist DM1
As seen in: 34/M/Safety Director from Brian in Maryland
Used by 5 EDCers

One last noteworthy piece of kit from the past month is this modern minimalist wallet, coming in at #22 most-viewed. It holds anywhere from 1-12 of your essential cards in its elegantly simple single-piece aluminum frame.

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Franklion ·
First time seeing a Trending Gear article. I love that you include member submissions that use them and how many. Will/Is this thing an ongoing series? This is great!
Bernard Capulong ·
Glad you like it -- we're working on improving the submission process, finding more EDCers to share with us, and optimizing the data base for some cool reports like this one in the future!
Russ Malcolm ·
I really appreciate this writeup.
Drew ·
Interesting read. Really got me thinking about my next upgrades to my carry.
Not-Tobuscus Prime ·
Very nice round up article, this makes me want to buy all of them haha.
Elden Veach ·
Wow feeling a little famous. Thank you for the mention. Also a great Article.
Joe ·
I'll echo the others, thanks for doing this, it's very interesting!
Michael Lee ·
Great feature from a great website! Keep it coming and thanks for the work and effort you put in to get this information out to us. I look forward to checking my e-mail each day in anticipation of my Everyday Carry info. Thanks again!

Eric Jones ·
I think I am going to get the watch, and the Dime Multi-tool
Kyle Ruffen ·
I own 3 of these items and plan on getting the mini pocket organizer in the next couple months!
John Sully ·
I like that Suunto Core. I wish the case diamater was a bit smaller but still very cool.
cesar ·
Bought the Gerber Dime 3 months ago liked it very much. I used the pliers,scissors, and knife the most no real tough use. The knife part that hold the knife firmly in place once you open it just broke one day. Never dropped it just broke. I will try and take a good picture and post it if others would like to see the disappointment.
Max D ·
Just FYI, the Kwaiback in your main "Trending Gear" picture is the old version and, to discerning knife collectors, looks quite a bit different from the current models.