my edc bag

Emanuel Melendez
Love this bag very comfortable it has lots of pockets to organize your items also on the top of the bag it has a strap where I strap my solar charger very convenient .

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Kudos Brother! It takes a strong man, a real man, to rock a fanny pack. Well done Indeed!
Emanuel Melendez ·
Thanks bro. But It takes a wise man to be prepared at all times no matter what kind of bag he uses.
I agree with Ken, the fanny pack doesn't suit everyone, but it's great to have. I wish man purses were more acceptable here in the States. Hard to EDC what you want without bulging pockets!
JrgMyr ·
Hi Emanuel,
how helpful is the solar charger?
Does it load up well enough or do you top up via charger cable?
Best, Jörg

Emanuel Melendez ·
Not very good at all at the time I thought it will work but it does not I have upgraded to a 10000 power bank from anker it's very convenient small and also charges my galaxy s8 plus fast and can get easy 3 full charges out off it with out charging it