Blue, Black and Chrome rotation

Some of my standards like keys, agenda and phone are in the picture, but not my wallet. It is empty from buying these items. Wallets just look best when jampacked with money.
I rotate beteen some goods and did my best to match colors. My brother didn't figure it out yet, but his birthday and X-mass gifts were edc-items doing the black and neon green zombie look ☺ EDC items make great gifts, so I am building him a rotation in black and neon-green. He is not into the EDC thing, but does carry items and he likes gadgets. Better to give than booze I figured.
In this set-up Black get's most use and has the most powerful light. Blue is summer fun and Chrome is slim-line. These colors do complement eachother so its is fun to mix. However I do tend to carry one color. It doesn't neccesarily mean everything goes in my pocket. Some items can also stay at home on occasion.
As you can see I am Victorinox fan. They offer great quality for the money, are allowed almost everywhere (by law). And also important, they are commonly known by people. They do not scare people, because they are familiar with it (have one or seen one). Nor will you get frowned upon for carrying a "knife!" - oh it's one of these swiss tool/knife things, that's ok.
Sizewise, I preferably have the smallest knife that can cut an apple. Anything bigger is overkill for general daily purpose. Smaller will get you a fragile tool. The Dozier is larger and comes along in my bag in the outdoors only.
I carry an agenda as notebook. I noticed that my older notebooks had scribbles all over and I could not find notes back. Now my notes are dated. Writing helps to remember things, phones don't. Phones always have empty batteries when you need them most. Going analog saves battery life.
Yes I do like watches as well. I have more, but these get most carry. I put them in this overview because watches are a very overlooked item by the edc community. (Knives and lights, cool toys) Time is very important to know, if you let time pass by scrolling this website and reading my post, you will never be able to get that time back.
Apart from the watches and phone, you find that my items arent the most highly prized ones on the market. EDC doesn't have to be a 1000 dollar hobby. What you carry needs to be functional and replaceble. Just like time... you might lose it

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