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Sparkr & Sparkr mini

Mikey Bautista
Sparkr & Sparkr mini

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“Got a light?” It's one of those questions that as EDCers we might answer a little differently when asked. Whether it's a lighter or an actual flashlight you need, Power Practical's got your bases covered with their latest Kickstarter: the Sparkr and Sparkr mini. These useful tools combine an EDC flashlight with a windproof plasma lighter, making the usual firestarters, stormproof matches, and butane lighters look like a thing of the past.

On one end of the Sparkr is a 150-lumen flashlight with three brightness levels and a wide angle beam useful for illuminating your immediate surroundings. On the other end a plasma lighter creates an arc of electricity (like a car's spark plug) that makes it easy to ignite kindling or lighting up lamps without worrying about running out of butane or exerting yourself on creating sparks. This spark, powered by a USB-rechargeable li-ion battery, works in the wind and the wet, making the Sparkr ideal for your camping or hiking EDC. There's even a handy use for the plasma lighter's safety cap: simply fit it over the flashlight end and now you have a lantern thanks to the diffused beam.

The Sparkr mini takes the Sparkr's main functions and packs it into a case that fits right in your pocket. For light, it uses a 15-lumen beam, and its plasma lighter features a double beam for more power without taking up too much space. It's about the size as a standard Zippo, so it's a perfect replacement for two key items in your everyday carry.

Ready to light up? There's plenty of time to back both the Sparkr and Sparkr mini through the Kickstarter link below.

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