"I think this is it."

Dan henno
Carpenter (age 34)
Salisbury, Wiltshire, united kingdom
the words "I think this is it" have not only been muttered by me more times than I can remember but also, I'm sure by every EDCer the world over.
After doing it for a few years now my carry has changed many times but at the moment this has been it for a while now, it's all found a place that's comfortable and accessible.
In my work as a carpenter and joiner I have the need for a notebook all the time so my wallet doubles as a notebook cover too, I don't carry many cards so it doesn't get the chance to get too cumbersome.
The watch, which has been in my possession for over twenty years now is only a recent add in as I found it and restored it with a new strap and battery, it has great meaning to me as my dad bought it back from Iraq as a gift after one of his tours as a UN weapons inspector and that along with the knife and torch are the only things that get changed about, everything else is a mainstay which I try not to be without.
So once again "I think this is it"

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F. Gabriel ·
Great EDC, I also want to know the brand of the iPhone case...
Marc Long ·
What is the case for the iPhone?
Alex Johnson ·
That is an interesting case for the phone. What kind is it?
Shawn Bailey ·
Great looking carry!
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