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Cleveland, OH
This is what I have on me pretty much everyday. The Benchmade Emissary is of particular importance as it was hard to find a knife with a deep pocket clip (not much sticking out at the top). It stays put on the side of my front pocket (right) and I can carry my Slimmy X2S2 in the same pocket without any problems.

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Actually, it is $85. It features a custom made glow bead and specially plated hardware. One of a kind.
45 dollar paracord bracelet huh? Wow...
Cerakote. That is about $2 in paracord and a $1 shackle, but most places that do cerakoting have a minimum of about $50 per order. So that is how you arrive at a $45-85 paracord bracelet. Why one's preference is to cerakote the hasp of a $5 paracord bracelet is another question for you to ask anyhow, but there you have it.

But why start there really-- There are so many choices made (and on display on this site) that prioritize form over function. That is the fun of it though, isn't it? Otherwise we'd all be walking around with duct tape wallets and Bic Stics.

It does bring up an interesting point. There is plenty of neat gear out there that would do well with a nice cerakoting. Components of knives, multitools, flashlights, watches, etc. I think it is an under-utilized custom mod for EDC items, IMO. I think Jay is on to something.