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Spyderco Efficient

Jonathan Tayag
Spyderco Efficient

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If you're looking for a solid EDC knife that won't break the bank, efficiency is king. You want a knife with high-end features and serious performance at a comfortable price point. With a name like the Efficient, Spyderco has put together a value blade that's more than up to the challenge.

The Efficient is a folding knife made with many of the hallmarks of Spyderco's higher end offerings. It's classic Spyderco design language throughout, from the large thumbhole opening to the thoughtful ergonomic details. For example, the thumbhole allows easy one-handed opening for both righties and lefties. Paired with its reversible clip, it's EDC-friendly from the moment you slip it in your pocket right up to the cutting task at hand.

When in use, grippy G10 scales on an already ergonomic handle give you a firm grasp on the knife. Jimping on the choil and on the top of the blade give even more precision.

You'll appreciate that kind of control too, since the Efficient is seriously sharp. It sports a 3”, full flat ground, plain edge drop point blade. That'll make short work of most everyday cutting tasks, and its 8Cr13Mov stainless steel is easy to touch up after extended use.

With this feature set, the Efficient comes in as a new contender for one of the best value folders you can EDC, dollar-for-dollar. Pick one up at the link below.

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Lucca DeBiaso ·
The new SpyderCo budget options are attractive. Seriously. However, they are notably heavy. Call me a weenie but anything that's over 4 oz and a 3" or less blade is kinda chunky. Could be my carry methods. Especially when the Ontario RAT 1 exists. Nice to see other options in the price point though.
Will ·
Nice looking knife. I was gifted a Domino, though, so I can't step down :)

One thing that gets me about Spyderco is the lack of a deep-pocket clip option. They'd be unbeatable in most price points if they had that one simple thing. Love that the clip is reversible, though.
Daveho ·
Looks like a really nice knife, I have a few knives I carry and between things like the lake 111, rat 1, rat 2 or my spyderco ambitious for me I find the belly on these spyderco knives to be of most use when doing warehouse work.