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Schon DSGN Clip Pen

Ed Jelley
Schon DSGN Clip Pen

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A good EDC pen should be ready to get to writing as soon as you need it. That boils down to two main things: a pocket friendly size and a handy clip to keep it accessible. Schon DSGN made excellent minimalist EDC pens that were as compact as you could hope for, but they were missing one key feature—a clip. Now, their newest version gets even better with a much welcomed addition of a stainless steel pocket clip while keeping its streamlined, minimalist form.

The clip itself is thoughtfully designed with the rest of the pen. There’s a small flat spot machined into the cap so it lays flat despite the curve of the cap. Inside, you’ll find a Fisher Space Pen refill that’ll write anywhere you need it to. The refill is replaced via a custom made brass set screw in the back. Since the clip angles out at the end, it can be used as a screwdriver to swap out refills without any additional tools. Overall, the pen measures in at a scant 4” closed when capped, and a comfortable 5.75” with the cap posted to the back of the pen when in use.

At the time of posting, the Kickstarter project is supported by over 500 backers with $43k worth of funding. This is Schon DSGN's second successful project so back with confidence. Pledges start at $45 for an American-made aluminum pen with a few other options like anodization, stainless steel and titanium construction, and quantity discounts.

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J.S. Leonard ·
The Schon Pens are the best pocket pen EDC pen on the market. Sure there are others that use smoother writing inserts or look cooler etc... but none are as simple and the Fisher Space Pen refills just work and work anywhere. They require so special care and don't dry out or bleed like fountain pens can. The Schon is elegant in its simplicity and rugged as well. It carries wonderfully​ and opens with 1 1/2 rotations and securely post by screwing on with another 1 1/2 rotations. Do yourself a favor and get one.