Street Photographer's EDC

Anthony Tilar
Fontana, CA
Keeping things all black so I go unnoticed when I do street photography. Trying to keep as low of a profile as possible.

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Leo Flores ·
I have the same bag, same lens combo but still using the XT-1. I'm looking for ways to get some extra protection for the camera & lens when the bag is slung behind. Tried the inserts from some of my dedicated camera bags but found them to bulky. Do you just dump them inside or you have some extra protection? Thanks
Anthony Tilar ·
I found a method to store all my gear with minimal interference with each other surprisingly. The extra lens and spare battery is small enough to fit snug in the Incase Utility pouch perfectly. The pouch itself is padded pretty well so it makes the perfect lens holder, and that keeps anything else from bumping into it while its in the bag.Everything else I carry kinda just goes where it seems logical; pens in pen slots, flashlight/knife clipped into the inner pocket along with the notebook, and everything else is in the front pocket for fast access.

Phone, keys, wallet is usually attached to my pants/in pockets giving more space in bag as well.

The camera however never goes in the bag. I carry it constantly in my hands so that it's always ready when I need to take a shot.

Hope this helps you out!
Gerald Woller ·
Nice setup. I switched from Nikon to Fuji three years ago and never looked back.
Anthony Tilar ·
I just recently did the same, sold all my nikon gear about a month back to make room for Fuji Gear
Todd Brogowski ·
I just went mirrorless, albeit with the Olympus Pen F. I almost went with the X-Pro 2, though. Cool set up. How do you like the Tsunami?
Billy ·
Is the mirrorless any good?
Anthony Tilar ·
@Todd Brogowski Thanks! The tsunami is great, has the same type of air flow as a Kennedy RDA but has two build posts instead of three. It's a great dripper and has an extremely smooth draw!
Anthony Tilar ·
To be honest, I don't regret selling my DSLR gear at all. Mirrorless systems are extremely capable and you wont attract as much attention in public as you usually would with a large DSLR. Also the smaller systems make it a lot easier to travel with.