The Best Bolt Action Pens for EDC in 2017

The Best Bolt Action Pens for EDC in 2017

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These days EDC pens are getting tougher and tougher, and it doesn't stop at fully machined metal bodies. Some of the more popular pen designs take inspiration from bolt action rifles as the next step in EDC performance. It's not a gimmick, either — while most pens click, twist, or uncap, bolt action pens really take things up a notch. Besides their unique mechanism, they're built tough, fun to fidget with, and much harder to accidentally leak in your pocket. That's because the deliberate action you have to take to extend the tip ensures that ink stays in the pen where it belongs, and not all over your clothes. In this guide, we're highlighting some of the best EDC-ready pens featuring that sweet, bolt-action goodness.

Boker Plus Bolt Action Tactical Pens

The Boker Titan and Tactical pen both feature a robust bolt action mechanism. The pens are more on the tactical side than others on the list, and both can be used for self defense in case of an emergency. The Cal .45 is longer than the Cal .50, so you can pick one based on your writing preferences. Both are made from solid aluminum for day-to-day durability without weighing down your pockets.

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CRKT Ruger Bolt Action Pen

The Ruger Bolt Action pen from CRKT features a blacked-out aluminum body. You’ll find a sturdy clip that’s secured by two set screws, and grooves machined in the grip for improved control even if you're wearing gloves. Inside, there’s a Fisher Space Pen refill that’ll write under any conditions — perfect for a reliable EDC pen.

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Cool Hand Tactical Bolt Pen

The Tactical Bolt Pen from Cool Hand’s standout feature (besides the bolt action) is the deep pocket carry clip. Often, you’ll find the clip on a pen placed further down the body, resulting in it sticking out of your pocket just a bit too much. The gun metal color, aircraft grade aluminum construction, and comfortable 1oz. weight result in a rock solid bolt-action pen for everyday use.

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Tactile Turn Slider & Glider

Tactile Turn's Slider and Glider feature a half-moon shaped bolt mechanism that’s easy to use with one hand. The pen is completely designed and manufactured in-house out of their Texas-based machine shop. It’s available in the shorter Slider model that accepts Parker style refills, and the slightly longer Glider model that takes the popular Pilot G2 refill. They’re available in a range of unique metals with some custom options like a damascus steel bolt.


Karas Kustoms Bolt

The Bolt by Karas Kustoms is a sleek bolt action pen machined from aluminum, brass, or copper. It has a unique vintage look and feel, but it’s made from modern materials that will stand the test of time. This pen extends via a push button at the top, and locks into place with the bolt mechanism that’s machined into the pen body.


Madmaxco Bolt Action Pen

Maxmaxco is known for their simple yet sturdy pen designs. The bolt action mechanism is contained entirely within the body, so there’s no click action to be found. The pen features a clip that’s secured with two screws, so you can pocket-carry it with confidence. Each pen also includes a leatherette case as an alternative carry option, ideal for preventing scratches when carried with the rest of your gear.


Fellhoelter TiBolt

While Fellhoelter have earned their reputation in the scene as premium custom knifemakers, they've taken the same design approach to their bolt action pens. The Fellhoelter Ti Bolt's body is machined from titanium with a chunky, grooved grip section for precise control and a comfortable jotting experience. The bolt mechanism sticks out from the pen a considerable amount more than the other options in the list, making it extra easy to extend the refill.



Blank Forces takes their inspiration from vintage writing instruments. The Pocket Bolt's hexagonal shape is reminiscent of a pencil, and the tapered tip allows you to clearly see the exact spot where the ink hits the page. Their EDC Pocket Pen is small enough to fit in your pocket or go unnoticed in a bag. It’s available in brass or stainless steel, with optional engraving. You can even get a ruler laser engraved into the body to add some extra utility to your EDC setup.


Do you have a favorite bolt action pen? Let us know what it is and why in the comments below!

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Dont forget the Tiscribe Bolt!!!!
Who makes that wallet?

Also the guy two replies below ;)
That's the Enfold Card wallet by Craft and Lore. Cheers! (Thanks Chris!)
Bolt Action is the Best Action!

Another up and coming Bolt Action is the recently funded on Kickstarter TiScribe-Bolt Pen that is worth looking into.
Second for the TiScribe Bolt!!! It's slimmer, lighter weight, and less "tactical" than all of the options here. Love mine!!
Fellhoelter is not so much a "they" as a "he." Brian Fellhoelter.
How about the knife, are those brass scales? Did it come with those scales or are they custom?
These all seem really expensive.
Most of these pens are machined in small shops, several of which are US-based. They're definitely expensive, but I kept quality in mind when making the choices for this guide. Thanks for the feedback!
Boker 45 is shorter than the 50
What about the wallet and the comb any ideas ?
Enfold Card Wallet by Craft and Lore - Beerd Tool by Otto EDC
I have the boker .45. Fun little pen to car with a cool profile and built in clip. Only thing I don't like about it is it sometimes unscrews the cap while in my pocket if I'm doing active moving through the day
I have 4 of these, but I didn't see my two favorite:

The Tin Mill - Helic
Hidetoshi Nkayam Small Bolt Action Pen
I have the Boker .45. I like the pen. I hate the refill. Got my pen for Christmas. Been through three refills. I don't write that much through the day. Lamy m22 is what I bought for refills. Anybody suggest a better refill?
Fisher space, won't write like a dream but it'll last forever and work when you need it to.
Some real nice looking pens here. I'd like to get my hands on them first to help making a decision.
Beautiful selection.
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