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Nitecore MH12GT Rechargeable Flashlight

Mikey Bautista
Nitecore MH12GT Rechargeable Flashlight

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It's not every day you need to light up the length of 3 football fields, but wouldn't it be handy if you had that kind of throwing power in your pocket? With 1000 lumens throwing further than 1000 feet, Nitecore's latest rechargeable light makes short work of any task that demands serious coverage. And with its useful modes, high-capacity battery, and built-in charging, it's also quite the versatile light to add to your EDC.

The MH12GT achieves its impressive throw through a pairing of a Cree XP-L HI V3 LED with a specialized smooth reflector, giving the light its ~1050 feet (320 meters) of reach. Output levels are controlled via a dual-switch system, with its tail switch controlling constant and momentary activation and side switch navigating the light's 4 brightness and 3 special modes. From its 1-lumen Ultralow mode that lasts up to 520(!) hours all the way to its High of 1000 lumens and tactical strobe/SOS/beacon, the MH12GT gets the job done no matter the task. And with its slew of accessories including a high-capacity 18650 battery, included micro USB charging cable, holster, clip, and lanyard, carrying options are as versatile as the light itself.

Need a relatively compact light for giant lighting needs? Pick up the MH12GT from the Amazon link below.

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Mike ·
For someone who is a professional i.e. cop, firefighter etc. this is a wonderful flashlight. For the average guy is there really a need for a flashlight that throws out enough lumens to burn somebody's eyes out of their sockets? Strike that, this flashlight would be a wonderful addition for anyone going to the sketchy side of the tracks. Flash it in a bad guys face and run away... Nice.
Nightwatch ·
They make for a great non-lethal defense option, not to mention scaring the bejeus out of raccoons and other less frightening things that go bump in the night.
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