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The Best Suspension Hooks for Hanging Keys

Adam Molina
The Best Suspension Hooks for Hanging Keys

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Let’s face it, keys aren’t the easiest to carry. They can be noisy, bulky, and uncomfortable, but they’re one of the most important items in your pocket. And if you've ever added extras like a tool or flashlight to your keyring, you'd know that simply shoving it all into the bottom of your pocket can lead to some serious bulge. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there to manage it all. The first and perhaps the simplest option is to use a quality suspension hook. It's a small clip that hangs your keys neatly from the lip of your pocket, instead of bunched up at the bottom. In this guide we'll introduce you to the best suspension hook keychains you can get because when it comes to EDC, optimization is key.

TEC Accessories P-7

Sometimes all you need is something simple to do the trick. The P-7 suspension hook is the original solution to pocket bulge, and it's as effective as ever without any extra bells and whistles. Just clip it to your pocket or bag to keep your keys from falling into disarray, with the only visible part being a discreet outer fold. You can attach your keys, key fobs, small multitools, or all of the above with the included split ring.

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Pangea Designs Pickpocket Alpha

Whether you’re a minimalist or you carry more keys than the average person, the Pickpocket Alpha might be for you. Its titanium build makes it ideal for EDC while four holes let you attach 1-4 split rings full of keys and dangle them into your pocket.

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Scout Hook Keychain

The Scout Hook doesn’t only make a good keychain, it also makes a good bottle opener. The best part is it isn’t immediately obvious thanks to the traditional Japanese fishhook design. Hook it to your belt loop or pants pocket for a more elegant way to carry your keys.


Griffin Pocket Tool

The Griffin Pocket Tool is a more recent release that's on the fast track to becoming an EDC classic. It’s one of the best one piece multitools around and being able to attach a split ring for keys is just an added cherry on top. Should you want more functionality out of your suspension hook, you’ll get 11 tools in the Griffin Tool including hex wrenches, a screwdriver, pry told, and bottle opener.

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Victorinox Belt Hanger

Victorinox might be best known for their Swiss Army Knives, but they bring their utilitarian Swiss design to other EDC essentials as well. Take the Victorinox Belt Hanger for example. It’s a stainless steel hook that suspends your keys from a chain or split ring, but you can clip it down securely over your belt for added peace of mind. If you don’t want it on your belt you can also clip it to your pocket or bag, making it a versatile way to secure your keys.

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BigiDesign TPC Titanium Pocket Clip

The Titanium Pocket Clip by BigiDesign does more than just carry your keys. Besides keeping your keys in check, you’ll also get a bottle opener and 1/4” hex bit driver built into its Grade 5 titanium body. If you need more of reason to snatch one of these up there’s also a model with a small LED that makes a solid backup to your main EDC flashlight.


Cogent Industries Hangkey

If you want to keep your keys slim, you’re going to need a slim suspension hook. That’s where the Hangkey by Cogent Industries comes in. Don't let its slim silhouette fool you—it is titanium after all, meaning it's easily strong enough to clip to your pocket and so light you'll barely notice it's there. Because of its thinness there’s some added knurling towards the top for better grip when you need to access your keys quickly.


GambleMade Mini-D Dangler

When it comes to versatility the GamebleMade Mini-D Dangler is one of the best. By itself it’s an effective minimal suspension hoop made of everyone’s favorite metal, titanium. But if you find yourself needing more than the one hole that it comes with, you can get additional pieces that will hold up to five split rings easily. Its modular design lets you customize it based on your carry needs.


Do you use a suspension clip for your gear? Let us know which one's your favorite in the comments below!

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Drew ·
Would it be fair to say this article kept me... in suspense? hahaha. I'll show myself out. XD
Patrick LaFollette ·
I have the Griffin in two size variations, Karas Kustoms dangler, and the Pangea; I've also had the P7 in the past. The best of those as a pure pocket/belt loop dangler is the Pangea, but the Griffin gives you the most versatility.
blueumbrella ·
I participated in the Kickstarter projects, for both the BigiDesign TPC, and the Congent Hangkey. These are both excellent tools, but I use the Hangkey everyday, and would be very upset if I somehow lost it. It is truly minimalist, fits easily on my pant pocket, securely, while still being relatively easy to remove. Mine is MokuTi, so it is mostly unnoticed, hanging on my jeans. The design, and attention to detail of work on these excellent pieces, is rarely seen. The TPC, is also well designed, and very well made, but a little larger, than I prefer. I will say, attention to the Titanium surface is very important, related to wearing the material of your pants down. I have seen some that could be used for fine sanding.
Kevin ·
I had been using Nite Ize S-Biner Ahhh for about 5 months.It works well on my jeans, but it was uncomfortable in pocket.So I got Victorinox Belt Hanger.It works regardless of the presence or absence of a belt loop and keeps my house key,multitool(Nite Ize Doohickey QuicKey) and flashlight(ThruNite T01) safely in my pocket.And it's swiss made!
Oisin OBrien ·
I've carried a few of these, and currently use the GambleMade Mini-D. My setup uses a mix of masterlinks, heavy swivels, and McGizmo nano clips. The weakest link being the McGizmos, which are so prone to self-release, that I almost expect to have them disengage and drop items in my pocket. They are probably my worst EDC purchase of all time, and it makes an otherwise great setup insecure.
Cody ·
I've used the cogent industries for a few years now. It was expensive to be sure but I love how it's rounded and has just enough grip to stay exactly where I put it on my pockets. Cogent is a solid company too, the owner is a good guy and I like that my money is going towards someone working hard on their own company rather than a big corp.
TonySal ·
Tec P7
A gifted larger Ti
Choice of halyard clips from sailing years past
ThreePercenter ·
All seriously overpriced. I'm good with my $5 D-ring. Also, the first one is like $20 and it's basically a paperclip. Don't waste your money on any of this junk.
Scott Johnson ·
I'm using a P7 knockoff made by Xtools. The P7 so overpriced for what it does. I have one of those screw together wire aircraft cables for quick changing the gear.
TonySal ·
I have knock offs too, almost the same to me!?
JohnnyDaze ·
Anyone know what the black tube like piece in the title picture is?
J.S. Leonard ·
It's a swivel.
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Devdev98 ·
I have the dts dangler from munroe knives. Been using it for over a year now I think. Works very well.
Zebadiah Ritselaar ·
I am very happy with my CRKT Viva, but I am looking for something different to use for my other pocket, so thanks for the article!
I like it very much, very nice collection! Thank you.
Jay Dunn ·
Really helpful post! Thank You!

Some of these really look the business!
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