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Spyderco Meerkat

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Spyderco Meerkat

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Like the diminutive desert dweller it's named after, the Spyderco Meerkat is a compact knife with a scrappy set of features. And like its furry counterpart, the knife keeps and does its best work under the surface. On first look it's a subtle, pocket-friendly knife that's useful for EDC, but dig a little deeper and the Meerkat bares the teeth of a beastly knife.

It starts with the Meerkat's blade. The 2” length keeps it nice and compact, with a modified leaf shape that gives it a versatile slicing belly for everyday tasks. But despite its size the blade is a remarkable piece of metal. It's a 3-layer laminated blade with the exceptionally tough and abrasion-resistant HAP40 tool steel at its core, flanked by SUS410 martensitic (crystalline) stainless steel, giving the Meerkat's blade even more strength and corrosion resistance.

To pair with this triple threat steel, Spyderco have also given the Meerkat one of their most unique locking mechanisms—the Phantom Lock. The lock's hidden completely within the knife's handles, and disengaged with a clever pivot motion that scissors the handles, allowing the blade to fold in. Keeping with the Meerkat's compact design, the handle scales themselves come in lightweight, injection-molded FRN, in a hi-vis orange sure to give some pop to any EDC. And with molded grooves that accept a reversible deep-pocket carry clip, the Meerkat is as comfortable to use as it is easy to carry.

You don't need to dig deep to find yourself a high-performing EDC knife. Pick up the Spyderco Meerkat from the  link below.

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Ken C ·
I traded my older version of this. Great little knife with a cool locking mechanism. The only downside, in my opinion, is that the scales were a little bulkier (because of the lock I presume) than I liked. Ended up going back to my dragonfly.
Aterax ·
Great looking knife!
This was my first Spyderco knife and it took me a few days to figure out the locking mechanism. Carried it for years until I replaced it with the PPT. I ordered the sprint version pictured above. Great knife.