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Discommon Thermoformed Card Wallet

Bernard Capulong
Discommon Thermoformed Card Wallet

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Quick reminder: minimal doesn't necessarily mean simple. Sometimes it takes quite a bit of clever design and innovative technology to distill all the utility we want out of our gear into something sleeker and more compact. Discommon's Thermoformed Card Wallet is an excellent example of this. Despite its impressively small footprint and understated aesthetic, it's actually the result of advanced, highly unconventional construction methods.

Even for a card case, the Discommon Card Wallet is strikingly thin and compact. It's barely wider than a credit card itself, which is all the more impressive considering it's made of leather, a relatively bulky material. Part of that is due to the leather itself: a thin and supple Italian pebbled calfskin. But it's the innovative stitchless construction of the wallet that really achieves that ultra-slim profile. The leather is laminated to a grey tweed interior, giving you the luxurious handfeel of leather with much less bulk.

Despite its thinness, the wallet accommodates up to 8 cards, or a 4 cards on one side and some twice-folded cash on the other. Unsurprisingly, the card pockets themselves have their own unique, functional twist to them too. They're thermoformed to a pre-set shape, molding to your cards and giving structure to the wallet without any break-in necessary. As a trade-off for this level of slimness and wear-resistance, you have less at-a-glance organization and quick access to the rest of your cards. But you do get easy access to your top-most cards thanks to the pocket design. It features an angular cutout shape for more surface area to slide cards out, less bulky material overall, and quick visual identification of your cards without exposing your card numbers. The pockets are also sized to fit your cards like a glove, leaving the absolute minimum clearance for the wallet's “spine” to fold. The thinner spine combined with the low-profile leather make the wallet easy to open and fold over completely when going to access your cards.

Subtle design choices round out the wallet for excellent handling and a minimalist experience. Rounded corners make it comfortable to hold and easy to slip into your pocket, while perforations on one side of the wallet work as a visual cue so you know which side is which when going to open the wallet. It's a small consideration that's especially convenient on a symmetric bifold design like this with no logos or branding on the outside. If you're after a slim wallet with a premium feel and the performance to match, check out the Discommon Wallet at the link below.

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Great idea for the amateur leather worker like myself..