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PacSafe Vibe 325 Anti-Theft Sling Pack

Mikey Bautista
PacSafe Vibe 325 Anti-Theft Sling Pack

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For dashing around town, few things are as efficient for EDC as a perfectly sized sling pack. It's got a good amount of space for your essentials without the bulk of a full-sized backpack or messenger bag, and there's the security factor, too—since you can swing the sling around to access its contents without removing it, your gear is always close at hand. And if we're talking about secure bags, we have to bring up Pacsafe. Their bags are purpose-built to be the most secure commuter bags on the market, and the Vibe 325 brings together utility and security in one package ideal for everyday commuters.

Despite its minimalist appearance, the Vibe 325 discreetly hides its security features right under its 210D nylon surface. This includes a slash-proof web of stainless steel called eXomesh lining its exterior shell, and steel lining in the straps to prevent them from being cut. Like all Pacsafe bags, zippers are a key security point. The Vibe 325 featuring locking zippers on its compartments as well as a reinforced locking clasp on its strap to secure the bag to a chair or table when you're settling down for a meal.

For your essentials you get 10L of space across two compartments, each with their own internal organization along with a mesh zippered pocket on the front compartment. There's even an internal padded sleeve that can accommodate a phone or tablet. And in spite of all its security features, the Vibe 325 itself is a lightweight 1.37 pounds.

Peace of mind has never looked this sleek nor this tailored for EDC. Pick up the Vibe 325 in two new colors from Amazon at the link below, or stick to the classic Black version here.

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I recently got the little brother version of this bag, the Vibe 150. It's a 4L bag which is a nice slingpack for carrying my extended EDC items on a longer day out; great for relieving load on the pockets as well. I can fit a Rite in Rain notepad, a pen, rolled up Vapur bottle, my Nitecore P12, and my Airhole neck gaiter in the main compartment. I have a CPR mask, pair of nitrile gloves, a small pack of bandaids, and two Kind bars in the outer, quick access, compartment.

On days that I don't need to lug my Surface around, it's awesome.
Mikey Bautista ·
Jon Hyst ·
Have had my eye on this product line for over a year. I'm surprised after joining here I didn't see more load outs with these type of anti theft bags incorporated into it.
Mikey Bautista ·
I'm surprised myself; they're pretty popular here in the Philippines since we're a heavy commuting culture, and all my friends who do swear by them. I'd love to see more people carry them too!
Winterlynx ·
Has anyone ever actually tested this thing against the sly roma on eurostar trains or such?
The black version specifically mentions an RFID protected pocket, this one does not list it as a feature. Maybe it does, but it’s something to be aware of.