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MecArmy X7S Flashlighter

Jonathan Tayag
MecArmy X7S Flashlighter

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If someone ever asks you if you've got a light, as an EDCer your first reaction might be to reach for your flashlight. But a proper lighter as a source of fire is also a useful tool for everyday carry, even if you don't smoke. Whether you carry one for your daily habits or emergency situations, a dedicated lighter can still take up precious pocket space. That's why the MecArmy X7S is a bright idea: it's a modular pocket tool that combines a lighter, a flashlight, and a storage capsule that stays compact and consolidated.

The MecArmy X7S is a combination LED flashlight, lighter, and dry storage container. The light itself features a 130 lumen CREE XP-G2 LED that can throw light out to around 193 feet. Easy one-handed twist activation turns the light on and controls its output from an 8-lumen Low mode to its highest setting. The integrated 10180 li-ion battery lasts six hours on the Low setting and conveniently recharges via micro-USB.

The X7S lighter resembles a trusty peanut lighter, designed for use with liquid fuel and measures in at a mere 2” long with the cap attached. The storage area is just big enough for pills or a spare battery. And because the body is made out of precision CNCed 304 stainless steel featuring IPX8 water resistance, you can feel confident that it can withstand the elements.

The best part about the X7S is that it features a modular design that lets you assemble it into the configuration that best suits your needs. You can screw together all of the components to create a tool that can fit in the palm of your hand. Or, you can even keep everything separate and carry each module independently. Pick one up at the link below.

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Very nice and a great design to boot. Had it not been that I already own a Zippo and a 511 AAA pocket flashlight, I would consider buying one of these.
iynque ·
I’m very interested in this gimmicky gizmo, but I just wish the flashlight had a better maximum output. I EDC an olight S1R baton that has a high mode of 300 lumens (more than twice the maximum of this light), and turbo modes at 600 and 900 for a limited time period. …and I actually use those high modes, if you can believe it.

A better light (and maybe a lower price…) and I’m sold. I mean, I might buy one anyway, but I couldn’t say no if it was brighter.