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Where did you get that iPhone background?
Fantastic watch! Always love the Prospex line. Had an Arnold back in the day.
That Tuna is awesome!!!
I rolled the iPhone/Mojo combination for a while, and I have a question if you'll indulge. Do you pocket it and listen to music? I found it was almost impossible (and certainly more annoying) to try and listen to this setup whilst moving around. I love the audio quality but it's a heck of a thing to put in a pocket! I love the mod you've done to your phone - is that a case or a proper mod?
I only breakout the Mojo when I'm sitting down and doing work. Worries me if I have cable sticking out of the Mojo while moving around that it may damage the micro usb port. Still looking for a good solution for lighting-to-microUSB. Re phone, it is actually a background image of the phone's teardown.
Thanks Matthew, I did consider the cable pack, but felt the Chord attachment too bulky for just for USB adapter. My other option to reduce cable bulk is to use Apple's own Lightning-to-MicroUSB Adapter with a microUSB-to-microUSB.

I haven't tried the Airpods, but i've alway found apple earphones don't stay on very well if I'm moving about alot. I like the over ear designed because it is secure no matter what i'm doing. But will give them a try one day.
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