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Setrak S
Lawyer (age 31)
Paris, France

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Garrett Hearle ·
Is that a dBrand Grip?
Setrak S ·
Yes it is indeed !!
Garrett Hearle ·
I've heard mixed reviews. Is it everything they talked it up to be?!
Setrak S ·
It's really a dope bumper, had the Rhinoshield one for a while and that thing is far from being good to me. The Grip is indeed very grippy, in fact it takes some time to get a bit of wear and tear and taking it in and out of pockets was a pain the first few days. But now it's really perfect ! Only downside for me : the added bulk, but I guess that's what you get when adding that layer of protection to an already big-a$$ phone.
Buttons are also ULTRA tactile, the best feedback I've had with a case so far, and I'm a huge case guy.

PS : it's a bit expensive too I think, but worth every penny imho