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Readers' Choice: Top 3 EDC Flashlights in 2018

Mikey Bautista
Readers' Choice: Top 3 EDC Flashlights in 2018

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With the new year right around the corner, there's plenty of new gear in store for us to look forward to. But until then, now's a great time to look back on the gear that served us best through 2018. We polled our community in our exclusive Facebook group and asked what their favorite EDC gear was in the past year. In this quick round-up, we're highlighting your favorite flashlights! We've narrowed it down to the top three answers among the community — read on to see what your favorites were, and stay tuned for more gear to come in our Readers' Choice series.

3. SureFire E2T-MV Tactician

Number three on the list is the new E2T-MV from the masterful mil-spec manufacturers over at SureFire. In addition to the tried-and-true reliability and performance of SureFire lights, the E2T-MV comes with solid features befitting its fit and finish. First is its dual output from 2 x CR123A batteries that give a maximum of 800 lumens between two modes, including momentary-on options. Next is its MaxVision beam that gives a wide, floody beam that's perfect for everyday use. And with an included clip, the E2T-MV is ready to EDC for a lifetime's worth of service.

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2. Fenix PD35 V2

Fenix has been a long-time EDC favorite thanks to the performance and build quality you get for the price. They've taken one of their most popular models, the PD35, and upgraded it to a flashlight fit for 2018. On the inside, the V2 gets a bump in lumens, runtime, and throw distance, with a maximum of 1000 lm, 430 hours, and 25 meters respectively, thanks to a new Cree XP-L HI V3 emitter. It comes with a new metal side switch that doubles as a battery indicator. It maintains a robust IP68 resistance with its anodized aluminum body, with thoughtful features like an included clip and anti-roll design. Finally, a tactical tail switch gives instant activation for the PD35's 5 output levels.

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1. RovyVon Aurora A5

It's rare to see a piece of gear that gets near-universal praise, especially for enthusiasts, but that's what the RovyVon Aurora A5 was this year. With a unique and extremely compelling combination of features, collectibility, and affordability, it's well-deserving of its place as the community (and our) favorite flashlight of 2018. The Aurora A5 bucks the trend of your typical metal-tube flashlight design with its fluorescent polycarbonate shell. It glows green in the dark, but it's also translucent enough for its two side-mounted LEDs to shine through. Its main CREE XP-G3 LED pushes up to 550 lumens on its highest setting. The Aurora A5 also comes with a low-battery indicator and recharges via USB in just 45 minutes. For even more convenience, it comes with a 2-way friction clip for pocket- or ballcap carry, while a lanyard attachment points rounds out your EDC options. Perhaps most impressive is it manages to fit all this technology into an IP65 water resistant body that's only 2.16” long and weighs less than half an ounce at 0.416 oz.

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What was your favorite flashlight in 2018? Leave a comment and let your fellow EDCers know about lights you think should be on their radar! Stay tuned for more Readers' Choice picks as we wrap up this year.

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Lorien Bonfire ·
I agree with @benjamin red, the Emisar D4 is tough to beat. The new D4S is even better, just a bit bigger, but more output, longer runtimes, and secondary leds. I have over 30 flashlights and the emisars are by far the best. My new Fireflies E07 is on the way though, so perhaps that will impress me even more.
Benjamin red ·
As pictured, the Emisar D4 is hard to beat. Over 4,000 lumens and smaller than your pictured examples is phenomenal, at also a fraction of the price. Back in 2014 I'd tell you a Chinese outsourced light with a 4000 lumen claim is just nonsense, but this is a domestic Chinese product, not outsourced and the proud makers of the flashlight did a great job.

My true favorite is not an EDC but I DO EDC it, the Acebeam x80 GT. 32,500 lumens puts the Emisar in its little place. Just small enough to belt carry and super fun to impress the fam.
Montana Actual ·
I still prefer the small form flashlights like the microstream, but really want a single cr123a light. Other than that, my Streamlight 2l-x is everything else I need. I have an older Surefire Kroma Mil-spec with IR and redlight, from like 2008. I also 2 Fenix HL50's, one for the truck and one for the EDC pack. For the house, it's a Streamlight HL4. Not some of the best lights, but they get the job done.

One thing I will never invest in for flashlights, is something that requires USB charging. The rechargeable batteries are okay, or a flashlight with USB to charge rechargeable and removable batteries is okay, but without the option to use normal batteries for me, is a no go.

As for the list here, the RovyVon Aurora A5 is a terrible light. It auto decreases lumens after 2 minutes due to heat, and it's cheap plastic. IP65 or not, there are a couple of reviews on Amazon where the body has cracked. Can't say much for the Fenix or Surefire, but I am sure they are great lights. I got my Fenix headlamps from the Army-Navy surplus for $30. Together! And they are not the greatest looking, but they have held up great. Surefire is just really expensive and there are cheaper options with the same if not better features. Only time I ever had Surefire was when the military gave them to me for free, and I either lost or wore out all of them except for the one I found buried in a duffel bag before moving ;)
Michael Mutant ·
I've got myself a Yeager light (yes, Tactician ;)
Tom Patterson ·
My favorite EDC flashlight remains a free promotional light from Duluth Trading Company. I’ve used it for ten years. It’s bright, focusing beam uses three AAA batteries and seems to last forever. I wish it had a pocket clip, but that’s my only complaint. Second choice is a Maglight Mini 2AA light with holster. I traded out the original bulb for an LED upgrade and switch.
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