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Columbus, OH
This EDC Carry is completely designed to fit on my person. Everything you see here fits in my pockets comfortably. I don’t like a lot of bulk in my pockets and this layout is geared for that.

My olight works well for me because it’s a triple A light with decent power that has tail switch for one handed use. Most triple A’s were only twisted activate which could turn on in my pocket if not careful.

My Nivea lip balm actually holds a large bill of cash in case my wallet is stolen or lost. You just take the cap off and twist the bottom to bring the cash up that’s rolled up. No one is going to know that I’m carrying cash in my lip balm. Well maybe except all of you now.

The Quiet Carry key organizer is perfect for me. I hate keychains and the awful jingle noise and this organizer takes care of that. I just needed something that would carry four keys. The pocket knife with bottle opener works well to simplify my carry. I do tend to carry a separate pocket knife with me as well.

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Have you had to use the Nivea backup option often? I've always tried to think of backup cash carry options that are inconspicuous and easy to have on you, but I really don't carry anything always with me that also wouldn't be a Target to get lost/stolen. Nice carry though
I use it mostly in case something happens to my debit card or somewhere that only takes cash. It is helpful when I travel so I dont have to carry cash large bills in my wallet. I like to be prepared in case anything happens.