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Casio G-Shock GW-B5600

Adam Molina
Casio G-Shock GW-B5600

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When it comes to EDC watches, ruggedness never goes out of style. The fact that so many EDCers still rock a G-Shock to this day is proof. But even if you want that retro design, you shouldn't have to compromise on everyday performance. With Casio's new GW-B5600, you get everything you could want from a G-Shock and more, thanks to its improved mix of materials and added Bluetooth compatibility. This updated version brings a classic silhouette into the present day as one of the smartest tough digital watches you can EDC.

Aside from the iconic square display and the illuminated LED backlight that you’ve come to expect from a G-Shock, you’ll also get a watch that’s lighter and smarter than ever before. This is thanks to a new band made from a combination of stainless steel and composite resin. Together those materials result in a digital watch that’s shock resistant and waterproof up to 200 meters. You probably won't ever find yourself in a situation that this watch can’t handle.

Aside from its tough exterior, the GW-B5600 boasts accurate timekeeping thanks to some added technology inside. Multi Band 6 technology automatically synchronizes with six calibration signals around the world to ensure accuracy. The GW-B5600 also features Bluetooth compatibility, allowing you to connect to your smartphone for a few extra features. You'll get access to reminders, a battery level indicator for your phone, and even a built-in phone finder. You also won’t have to worry about replacing the batteries thanks to the Tough Solar system, equipped with a durable solar that can charge even off of indoor lighting.

A good watch is a staple of any person's carry, and since 1983 the G-Shock has been the go-to of many EDCers. With the GW-B5600, Casio has outdone itself as you’d be hard pressed to find a better all-around watch for the price. If you’ve been looking for something that combines smart, thoughtful tech with a rugged, practical build then you should check this watch out for yourself by clicking the link below.

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Toby ·
Hi. I've got one and am absolutely happy with it. Thus I can only agree with your review which I'd like to correct in one minor detail: the battery level indicator is NOT for the phone but the watch's built-in battery.
Also worth noticing is the time-location recording feature that works off the connected smartphone, the coordinates get plugged into the app automatically. Also, there are several ways to get a precise time Signal (Multiband or off the mobile network (by connecting or by using the time-loc.feature).
Rob Elsworthy ·
I do... love it. Classic look with minor tweaks. Band feels good and looks premium, rattles a little. Hard to read, but to be expected for a blacked out look. Not an issue for me though, rotate the wrist and it lights up with that beautiful Indigo, flashing amber twice before it turns off. App was clunky, but adds a few extra features for ease of use.
Nate ·
Anyone have this? It looks great but no reviews on amazon.