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Lumintop Titanium Penlight

Everyday Carry
Lumintop Titanium Penlight

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"This pen-style pocket flashlight features a durable titanium alloy body with a military-grade hard-anodized finish. It’s IPX8-rated waterproof, and features a 125 lumen Nichi LED light source optimized for..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Montana Actual ·
I have been looking for a "silver" light for a while now, but really want something the same size as my Streamlight Microstream. This light is great, but I wish they offered it in an even smaller single AAA battery size like the Microstream/I3T EOS style. So far, I have found a couple but really want one with a tailcap switch. I hope Lumintop offers this same quality in a smaller version in the future. Any suggestions for what I am looking for would be helpful too. Basically like the Surefire Titan Plus but with a tailcap switch is what I need.
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