What I Carry Everyday

I carry about 10 pounds of stuff. Start with a 5.11 Tactical nylon belt (or Wilderness Instructor belt, Size 34), Glock 19 and two reloads. I have the Bladetech Phantom or Nano holsters (I have both, like them equally well) for a Glock 17, which works great for the G17, G19 and G26 guns, depending on what I'm carrying. Two spare magazines. I use the flashlight the most of all the gear. Well aside from the phone and keys. Ruger LCPII for the backup/weapon retention tool in a DeSantis Superfly rig. Tactical pen, big Lone Wolf folder honed to a wicked sharpness thanks to a knife-smith buddy that's solely used for self-defense, two backup flashlights (because I'm not as religious about charging batteries as I should be) and a utility knife for opening boxes and other mundane cutting. Routine fire-starting and emergency fire-starting gear, along with a keyring multi-tool. Missing: I ran out of breath strips.

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