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For our 40th anniversary and my 60h birthday we decided on a late 70's and early 80's themed BBQ. All things worn and carried were to be things you carried or wore during that time period, if you could do so. Otherwise, it was improvisation. All these items I used were things I owned during that time period The exception being the Bulova Snorkel, nicknamed the "Devil Diver" because of its 666 feet water rating. I spent an entire summer in the early 70s mowing lawns to purchase the original one, only to have it stolen from a shower in a KOA camp in Arizona several years later. The one shown was purchased as a replacement a decade ago and is a favorite to this day.

The penlight is amazingly dim but was rather useful "back in the day". The PaperMate Pen was bought by a girlfriend for my freshman year of high school and used all four years. It was only replaced for college by a Cross which I use to this day.

The Colt was the handgun I learned to shoot with and was not carried until after I was 21 in the very early 80s. Then it was carried mostly upon visits to Detroit and Flint, since concealed carry was not exactly legal. The holster is a primitive attempt at a paddle holster. It uses a thick flap of leather to slip under the belt, not exactly the most secure holster I have used, it is functional. The dump pouch was very handy, while a primitive slow method by todays standards, it did at least allow for functional carry of reloads.

One lucky thing for me, for the party, was, I ran more to jeans, cowboy boots and flannel shirts more than silly platform shoes and leisure suits.

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Mark ·
Loving the Colt,SLD
Ty, I also have a companion Detroit Pd marked Police Positive from the same source.