Lunchtime Walk

I work in customer service and I'm also a Volunteer Youth Director, I need an edc that's minimal but covers all my bases. This gear is just what I need to make it through the day, I did forget to put my pen in though...

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Love the geometric execution of the layout!
Always Be Knolling! I read an article this site posted several years ago on "How to Take Better EDC Photos in 7 Easy Steps" That I would definitely recommend. Really upped my photo game, although there is always room for improvement!
I love knolling, but mine usually tends to be in a standard square or grid pattern. Loved how you used the beams (railing, I assume?) and then had the P2 aligned with that angle.
Yup it's the railing at a local bird watching spot. It just kinda made sense when I was putting my stuff out. I always love seeing a well put together picture. I feel like it helps showcase the gear.
Is the lanyard on your fastball DIY? Is that a typical screw nut on the lanyard?
Yep!, just an extra nut I had lying around in my workshop that I thought would work.