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How Tim Leatherman and Our Readers EDC the FREE P Series

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How Tim Leatherman and Our Readers EDC the FREE P Series

The allure of seeing someone's everyday carry doesn't stop at the actual gear they have in their pockets. It's also just as interesting to learn where it all goes and how they carry their gear. EDCers are a creative bunch, and often come up with clever solutions to make carrying and using their essentials that much quicker and easier. In the same way, Leatherman's new FREE series of tools aim to be that much faster and easier to use. In this round-up, we're highlighting how members in our community shape their EDC around their new FREE P series tools, as well as taking a peek inside the pockets of Leatherman's founder himself, Tim Leatherman. For some great ideas on what to carry with the new Leatherman FREE P series tools, check out these awesome submissions below.


Weeravut's EDC as an Engineer in Thailand

Weeravut's EDC leans towards the minimalist side of things overall, which makes the P2 an excellent tool to cover his bases. While his AirPods, Apple Watch, and iPhone XS function especially well together in the digital space and can fill in for flashlight duty in a pinch, the FREE P2 handles everything else he'll encounter in the real world. The P2 is the slimmer of the P series models, keeping his pockets nice and light.


Everydaycooling's EDC as a Superintendent in the Midwest

As a regular submitter in our community, Everydaycooling sure knows how to coordinate their gear in terms of both function and form. This kit heavily features harder, robust materials for better durability in a slim form factor. The only exceptions are the Mighty Hank—an underrated summertime staple—and their polycarbonate keychain light. The Leatherman FREE P2 covers most bases here with its combo edge blade, pliers, and other everyday functions built in. Its stainless steel build looks great next to the black and silver motif and premium materials like carbon fiber and titanium throughout.


Dan's EDC as a Volunteer Youth Director in New York

Dan works multiple jobs, so he needs an EDC that's minimal while also covering all his bases. He says his FREE P2 helps him make it through the day, along with a dedicated plain edge folding knife and keychain-sized 550 lumen flashlight. Dan opts for the more compact P2 for his minimal carry, and takes it one step further by clipping it to his pocket rather than wear it on its included belt sheath. As far as the EDC trinity of knife, light, and tool goes, Dan's selections are some of the latest and greatest in their respective categories.


Phascolarctos cinereus's EDC in Oregon

This Oregon-based reader reps state pride with a simple, utilitarian pairing of a knife and tool from two Oregon-based companies: Kershaw and Leatherman. The Ken Onion-designed Kershaw Scallion here features a damascus blade for some visual interest among the rest of the sleek silver setup. The FREE P2 here fits a similar role as a quick-deploying tool, tackling every task a dedicated plain edge blade can't handle.

Dustin's Work EDC in Virginia

Dustin's EDC exemplifies functional redundancy well, with both dedicated tools and backup tools throughout. His keychain alone packs plenty of utility as a sort of micro-EDC setup in itself. Meanwhile, his various knives can handle EDC cutting tasks, with the Leatherman FREE P4 packing the most functionality of the bunch to cover everything else. With such an expansive loadout, relegating items to his keychain helps free up pockets. Lastly, the FREE's premium nylon belt sheath also helps keep his pockets from weighing him down.


James's EDC as an Operations Manager in Chicago

James shows a unique way to carry his Leatherman FREE P4 with an aftermarket magnetic belt sheath. Now even putting the FREE P4 away will have the same satisfying audible and tactile feedback as using it, thanks to the belt sheath's magnetic mounts. The FREE P4 is in good company as well, with some crowd favorite items like a lightweight folding knife and write-anywhere pocket pen.


Jochen's EDC in Germany

Rugged durability seems to be the theme in Jochen's carry, with mostly metal gear and borderline over-engineered designs. Functionally, it's well-rounded with everything he needs to slice, write, light, and ignite. The FREE P4 fits the bill here as it's the more feature-packed of the P series, covering Jochen's bases with its heavy-duty performance.

Tim Leatherman's EDC in Oregon

Last but not least is an everyday carry from Tim Leatherman himself. As the founder of Leatherman and the inventor of the first multi-tool, he's got more EDC experience than most. He's a tinkerer and problem-solver at heart, so it's no surprise his EDC leans away from the minimalist side and can tackle practically any task.

His main tool is the top-of-the-line Charge TTi, but he also carries a complementary FREE P2 to help with testing and development and to be a good company man. Tim actually goes one step further and takes a “three is one, two is none” approach with triplets of tools, pens, and lights, and even keeps backup alkaline batteries for his flashlights. Tim also mentioned he is a “fan of duct tape”—who isn't?—as you can see in his rather full bifold wallet. It's almost like a file cabinet of sorts, with notes he's taken, important ideas and sketches he's jotted down, along with the rest of his cards and cash.

One thing that isn't visible in the photo is Tim's creativity and ability to DIY outside the box. For example, he does wear a fanny pack of sorts, but it doesn't actually store his gear. Instead, he's fashioned it with memory foam padding for lumbar support when driving or working at his desk—a healthy, functional, and stylish product of good ol' fashioned EDC ingenuity.

We know so many of you share Tim's creativity when it comes to carrying your gear. Let us know how you carry your Leatherman tools in the comments below, and be sure to check out the new FREE P Series if you're on the market for a new multi-tool.

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David Gross ·
I count 5 flashlights that Leatherman carries (counting #5 as phone) Seems like overkill to me.
Frederick Co ·
Bought 2 p4 from blade tech hq online. I was dissappointed that both had no pocket clip. Emailed blade tech and they said i had to buy $75 of a product to avail tje pocket clip. Emailed leatherman got no reply.
Dan ·
Is there a reason the picture is the same for Weeravut and Jochen?
Dan ·
Is there a reason the picture is the same for Weeravut and Jochen?
M-Nlouisville ·
I love Leatherman products, although I don't own any yet ..
I will trade you your multi tool for my tri-fold wallet....I think you might want to look into the Dango M1 wallet... It's what I'll be using soon!!!
It's amazing to think the founder of such a large corporation as Leatherman has DUCT TAPE around his wallet... Must be bulging with cash most of the time.... JUST KIDDING!!!! ;)
Luis Martin ·
Sorry. I don't like the free series and I don't think I'll be convinced by any Multi-tool with magnet locks.
James R. ·
That's the beauty of EDC. What one person doesn't like, another person thinks is perfect. For me, the P4 is perfect. :)
Luis Martin ·
Of course. And I hope that you enjoy it.
Mike P ·
Very interesting article, especially the details on how certain items are carried.