Front Toward Enemy! Be ready and keep your powder dry!

Steven Johnson
This is smaller version of Get Home Bag. It is normally what I put in car when traveling in my wife's car. She has her own pack already inside car minus firearm. A larger version is kept in my vehicle plus hiking boots,tarps, rope, food, spare clothing, additional back pack and various other survival items.

There's enough gear for my family in a 24 to 48 hours survival situation. Most the above spare gear is stored in my spare tire well. Car didn't come with spare, but has electric compressor with sealant bottle. Plenty of room for extra stuff.
If you haven't explored that option, it's worth looking into.
Each family member with a vehicle has similar gear and handheld comes with rally poi t info and first aid equipment.
Been through a couple natural disasters and learned that being ready should become a lifestyle for all. Never know what's coming down the pike!

The Claymore is normally stationing front of house as lawn ornament...no gnomes here!! Grunt humor!

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