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Trending: Gerber EAB Lite

Mikey Bautista
Trending: Gerber EAB Lite

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It's Workshop Wednesday, and we're taking a look at a hobby and workbench essential: the utility knife. The Gerber EAB sets itself apart from regular box cutters as a lightweight folding knife with a liner lock that can load standard utility blades. It's equipped with a pocket clip for easy carrying. Even better, the EAB is small enough and light enough to pull double duty as a cash or card clip, giving it even more use when not at work. This Lite version of the EAB trims down some weight to 2.2 oz from the original's 2.4, by cutting off some length and material from its now-skeletonized stainless steel handles. Pick up this popular utility knife from the link below.

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Header: Peter Borsik

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XaeonBE ·
I keep this one in my car. It's very easy to use and saved me a lot of times :D
Ken Morley ·
I use this little fella everday at work
schwiiing ·
I've carried a pocket knife with me every day of my life since 1976. Switched to the Gerber EAB about 2 years ago. Best move I've made. Compact design fits nicely in the coin pocket of my jeans, and feels great in the hand. I'm no longer wary of what I run my knife thru. Cardboard, gummed adhesives, wood - not worried. A dull knife is just a replacement blade away from being surgically sharp once again. ...and, as a bonus, at $10 bucks a piece, I'm no longer worried about losing/ misplacing/ loaning out my knife.

Highly recommended.