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MTM Status Watch

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MTM Status Watch

Given their unique functionality, smartwatches seem like an obvious choice for EDC. But if you prefer a more classic, rugged look to your EDC watch, the common techy or fitness band designs just won’t do. That’s why MTM Watch brought their expertise in tactical and military watch design to smartwatch front with The MTM Status Watch. It’s their tactical answer to the smart watch that brings rugged performance to the digital age.

The MTM Status Watch boasts plenty of wrist presence with its 45.5mm wide, 16mm thick case. It has the ruggedness to match, with 100M of water resistance in a lightweight yet durable titanium case — something you don’t typically find in other smart watches. You have plenty of ways to customize The MTM Status Watch as well. The case comes in three different finishes—Brushed Silver, Sandblasted Grey, and Black DLC—to better match your style, and the rest of your EDC kit. You also have a range of strap options, from metal straps to various colors of NATO, GTX, rubber, and leather straps. An anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass with a ultraviolet protective coating protects the watch face.

The watch easily syncs up with iOS and Android devices through the MTM Watch App, providing uninterrupted connectivity and notifications relevant to the mission at hand. The app allows you to add and customize your own preferred complications to the watch’s lower OLED digital display. A press of a key moves the traditional luminous watch hands out of the way, giving you a better view of the screen. Activating the all-terrain digital compass turns those same hands into your compass needle, aiding in navigation during your adventures. A step and calorie counter, weather notifications, chronograph, multiple (up to 50) time zones and directional navigation are just some of the features you can program and easily access on The MTM Status Watch.

For smartwatch functionality in a package that blends in with your EDC with a tough case and a classic look, The MTM Status Watch from MTM Watches has got you covered. Check it out at the link below.

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CampDiplIng ·
I have to admit being kind of (hugely) sceptical of smart-watches, too.
So far, the more rugged was the better to me: last 30 years (with a little fashion in between) was Casio Oceanus, Seiko kinetic sports, Casio ProTrek.
An then there was this MTM Status: metalhousing, saphire glas, 100m WR with Push Messages Display to avoid drawing the phone on every small notification.
I do use that MTM Status for 9 months now and it is not less rugged or able to stand a beating than its forerunners.
In fact my Casio Edifice dress watch went to myson an the Casio Collection SAR-duty watch stays in the locker: I do use the MTM Status on all occasions!
mcelectric ·
I beg to differ, I have had a smartwatch now for 4 years and live it. I'm an electrician, so I work in a pretty hostile environment for tech. And all of my watches survived. The last one I had was the Mission from Nixon. I am currently using the Fossil Q Explorist Gen 4 watch with a screen protector. I have had nothing but good luck, and not having to look at my phone while I'm working is a blessing...I am currently in the market to get the Casio Protrek FD30. I strongly suggest you give Wear OS a try before you start to ridicule smart watches. Just saying..
Given their unique fragility, smartwatches seem like an obvious choice for all the dumbarses out there.