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Bellroy Tech Kit

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Mikey Bautista
Bellroy Tech Kit

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Between our phones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches (smart everything, really), and the  market explosion of consumer-level drones, photography equipment, and even electric vehicles, it’s both the best and worst time to be a modern EDCer. Sure there’s plenty of convenience and experiences to be made with all this technological progress, but at the same time, that’s a lot more accessories, cables, and equipment to carry around. Naturally, companies known for helping you stay organized are right at the forefront of the digital age of EDC. And taking a look at Bellroy’s new Tech Kit, it’s easy to see that the future of everyday carry is in capable hands.

Unlike the dopp kits that the Tech Kit takes its inspiration from, it’s built from the ground up to tame all the hassles that come with most tech. This means  loads of cables, gadgets of all shapes and sizes, and even accessories smaller than a fingernail. Through a thoughtful use of compartments, a variety of elastic loops, and magnetic slip pockets, many of your mess of tech essentials can be managed.

Starting with the Tech Kit’s recycled woven fabric exterior, a clamshell zip opening  allows access into the main compartment, where each panel has its share of organization features. On one side, a panel with a series of elastic nylon loops takes care of loose cables of different sizes, while behind it is a magnetic-sealing space that’s a good fit for external drives or power banks. Also behind the wall are compartments that are sized precisely for stowing memory cards. Along the Tech Kit’s inner spine is a special loop for a pen or stylus. Last but not least, two larger compartments on the opposite side allow storage of bulkier essentials like laptop power bricks or peripherals.

With a smart use of space, thoughtful consideration for modern tech EDC, and a sleek and sustainable construction, the Bellroy Tech Kit is a solid addition to the modern everyday carry. Pick it up from Huckberry at the link below.

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Mikey Bautista

Director of Everyday Carry Operations

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Mikey Bautista is an everyday carry (EDC) expert who has been working with the EverydayCarry.com team for nearly a decade, starting out with interest in EDC as a hobby and ending up as a writer for the site in 2014. Through the years he’s led the site in editorial content and writing about products across every category, from knives to bags to flashlights and everything in between, as well as discovering, bringing exposure, and building bridges with many brands in the industry. Today he is Director of Everyday Carry Operations for the site, leading the editorial team and managing day-to-day operations.

He has lived through many personal and professional lives, spending nearly a decade in the workforce management industry, a minor career in gaming, and has lent a hand with entrepreneurial efforts back home in the Philippines. He has also been an active participant and helped build a number of significant social communities online, both for EDC and his other hobbies.

Mikey has been at the cusp of gaming, technology, and the internet since the ‘90s and continues to lend his experience, expertise, and authority to all his pursuits. When not online, in a game, watching movies, or speedrunning his next hobby, you’ll find him in the gym, taking care of his pug, and talking at length about EDC with anyone willing to listen.

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Maclain Silvey ·
So.... a Peak Designs tech pouch with less pouches and no DWR zipper?