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Victorinox Onyx Black Collection

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Mikey Bautista
Victorinox Onyx Black Collection

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When you think of Swiss Army Knives, their signature Cellidor scales come to mind, or their iconic and popular Alox models, built right for EDC. And while they handily get the job done like all of Victorinox’s tools, sometimes a change to a discreet, low-profile tool is the way to go, especially if you're after a murdered-out, all-black-everything EDC. Thanks to a new process—polispectral (PS) coloring—that gives a covert, high-performance coating to a high-utility multi-tool, Victorinox's new Onyx Black collection brings three of their most popular models to the forefront by dialing the colors back.

Three of Victorinox’s popular models across three sizes make up the Onyx Black collection: the Signature Lite, Spartan, and Ranger Grip 55. The polispectral process adds a layer of chromium oxide to the stainless steel components of each tool, producing not only a smooth and glossy dark finish, but also an extra layer of durability and depth to the tools’ designs. The resulting monochrome tone adds an exotic touch and collectibility to tools you may have already seen before, and fits perfectly with any EDC, especially one with an all-black theme in mind.

Signature Lite Onyx Black

The Signature Lite starts off the Onyx Black collection by representing the keychain-sized 58mm line, and offers a complete EDC in itself with its 8 functions. Cover your bases with its blade, scissors, pressurized pen, and LED flashlight, all in a compact package weighing 0.8 ounces and perfect for a 5th pocket carry. A double-sided ruler and screwdriver combo rounds out its functions, and a special branded lanyard identifies its polispectral designation as well as offers you a convenient retrieval option.

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Spartan Onyx Black

The polispectral Spartan makes a comeback in the Onyx Black collection, representing Victorinox’s 91mm line and offering a capable tool with 12 functions within its medium-sized frame. This includes 2 larger blades, drivers, openers, and the usual pair of slots for a toothpick and tweezers. The larger size lets the Spartan function more as your main EDC blade, with more robust tools to deal with everyday tasks and needs.

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Ranger Grip 55 Onyx Black

Last but certainly not least is the Ranger Grip 55, representing Victorinox’s large tool line and offering the biggest polispectral platform yet among their multi-tools. Among its 12 functions, its 3.8“ locking blade is its key feature, letting you take on your biggest everyday tasks when paired with its grip-focused polyamide handles. Bolstering its tool set is a large wood saw, two combination driver/opener tools, an awl, and a corkscrew, and two stealthy slots on the handles’ rear house Victorinox’s useful toothpick and tweezers. Like its little brothers, Ranger Grip 55 also comes with the branded lanyard for retrieval and membership to the polispectral collection.

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