My Carry on a Daily Basis

London, United Kingdom
Hi all.

Heres my carry on a daily basis most of this pictured is carried while Im at work and changes slightly during my own time. The macbook only comes out now and again gets used more at home but when needed will take to work.

The moleskine pocket book comes in very handy when needing to jot anything down when needed.

The ipad is one of the most used things for work after my phone. Makes life so easy when needing to send emails and reports of works being carried out.

The lighter and knife get used on a daily basis for small things when larger tools aren't needed. Im not a smoker but the lighter comes in very handy when looking for draughts around windows or doors.

The watch keeps me on time for appointments and comes in very handed due to is durability and never having to replace the batteries.

Keys to my Nissian Primastar used to transport me and my tools around London.

I hope you have all enjoyed my post this is the first one but have been a long time follower of the site and enjoy seeing whats everyone else enjoys carrying on there person.

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Love that mini Opinel. Also, the Joker Macbook sticker is very cool.