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Trending: Shire Post Mint Copper Moon Coin

Gabriel Colin
Trending: Shire Post Mint Copper Moon Coin

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Carrying a novelty coin inside your pockets is a great way to keep your hands fidgeting all day, and the Copper Moon Coin from Shire Post Mint is a one-of-a-kind item. This coin is made out of 14 grams of solid copper, stamped with both faces of the moon. And since its solid copper, with time, it’ll develop a beautiful patina to further enhance its look. Each coin from Shire Post Mint is struck one at a time using antique techniques, so each coin is literally unique even though they might have the same design. This moon design was made by combining laser-engraving using NASA’s files of the moon’s surface and good old hand-engraving, to bring out its most iconic details. Great for a costume, as a gift, or as a good luck charm—put the moon in your pocket at the link below.

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Chris K. ·
I especially appreciate the Vegvisir coin!
Ek stoppar eci thegar threitur, ek stoppar thegar ek er buin! This is old norse meaning:
I do not stop, when I am tired, I stop when I am done!
Really like it!