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My Medic First Aid Kits

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While many of us put together an everyday carry to prepare us for, well, everyday tasks, it’s easy to forget about emergencies and the unexpected. But even if you do try to prepare for medical emergencies, first aid supplies aren’t exactly the most pocket-friendly. That’s why My Medic offers a variety of pre-made, consolidated first aid kits to keep you and your loved ones prepared this holiday season. These first aid kits were designed by military and medical professionals with EDC in mind to take the guesswork out of assembling your own kit. Each kit is equipped to handle specific use cases and situations, so there’s bound to be one that’s right for you or the people on your holiday shopping list.

Everyday Carry Individual First Aid Kit

If you want a first aid kit that’s rugged and portable enough to carry with the rest of your EDC, the Everyday Carry Kit is for you. Measuring in at 5.25“ x 4.75“ and with a weight of 8.5 oz out of the box, this is My Medic’s most portable kit yet. It’s designed so you can easily attach it to a backpack or a belt loop; and it’s compact enough to fit even inside smaller bags like a sling or a waistpack. And if you do decide to carry it externally, its rubberized exterior offers excellent weather resistance and durability.

The Everyday Carry Kit features a clamshell opening, organized in a vertical manner for quick access. Inside you’ll find 5 select items to tend to some of the most common traumatic injuries you might encounter in your day to day, designed to be used by people with even basic First Aid Training. It’s packed with a Rapid Tourniquet to help stop arterial bleeding, a Quickclot Pack to control traumatic bleeding, two chest seals to treat penetrating injuries to the chest, a pair of disposable gloves, and a handy felt-tip pen.

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Trauma First Aid Kit

Designed by both firearms and medical professionals, the TFAK is a great option if you visit the range often, handle firearms in general, or if you want a more comprehensive kit to keep in your car. While still compact at 8“ x 5”, the Trauma First Aid Kit is a bit heftier thanks to its wider selection of life-saving first aid items. 

Inside, you’ll find everything that was already mentioned in the Everyday Carry Kit plus dozens of other quality supplies meant to help you deal with more serious wounds. Things like compressed gauzes, pressure bandages, two ZZIP devices for quickly stitching up wounds, a “Super Wash” to help clean wounds or eyes, and even a space blanket for people suffering from hypothermia. 

Aside from these materials, you’ll also get the tools to use them properly. Included in the kit are a pair of trauma shears, a penlight, tweezers, and an emergency whistle. All of these items can be neatly organized inside the kit, thanks to multiple elastic bands as well as internal compartments.

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SuperSkin Bandage Med Pack

Most likely (and hopefully) traumatic injuries are not everything that you’ll encounter whenever someone around you suffers an injury, and that’s one of the reasons the SuperSkin Bandage Med Pack was created. 

Designed as a modular system, Med Packs are meant to fulfill a specific purpose or help you compliment First Aid Kits you might already own. This one in particular is meant to help with things ranging from a minor bleeding all the way up to serious scrapes. Inside you’ll find 10 packs of individual use bandage supplies. 

Honoring the Med Pack’s name, most of them include SuperSkin bandages, top of the line bandages designed with flexible materials, super-strong adhesive and even an aloe-infused pad at the center. The rest of the packs include things like a larger 1“x 3“ SuperSkin bandage, gauze, an antiseptic towelette, and antibiotic ointment.

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MyFAK First Aid Kit

There’s a reason why this is THE best selling kit from My Medic. Featuring 100+ high-quality first-aid supplies, the My First Aid Kit is one of their most comprehensive offerings, meant for the EDCer that wants to stay prepared for nearly any injury they might encounter.

Inside you’ll find supplies to deal with traumatic injuries, bleeding, burns, sports-related injuries, insect bites, infection, fractures, airway injuries/ailments and all of the tools to help you use them. These medical supplies come in a highly functional bag, featuring a durable construction and a thoughtful design. 

The bag measures in at 7.5“ x 6.5” x 5“. It’s made out of CORDURA nylon, known for its ideal balance of durability, abrasion resistance, and weight. A tear-away panel in the back will give you quick access to the contents inside in case of an emergency, while MOLLE straps and velcro panels will provide you with external storage options. 

This is a great choice to keep around the house, in the trunk of a car, or in the workshop. Thanks to its large convenient pull handle, it’s an excellent grab-and-go first aid solution.

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My Medic is still hosting a sitewide Holiday sale, offering a 25% discount as well as free gift in orders over $100. All these first aid kits are also HSA/FSA approved products. You can browse My Medic’s line-up of first aid kits for your own EDC or as gifts at the link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by My Medic.

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Fabian Palomo ·
I’ve bought one before and it would have been better and cheaper to buy a red bag and building your own. YouTube has info on what you need.
Wouter Catherin ·
If you spend that amount of money on a pre-made kit, take that amount in cash and walk into a pharmacy and be amazed what a pile of kit EXTRA you have when spending the same amount....
Brad Clarkston ·
At $80 for the smallest bag there's absolutely no point in any of these pre-made kits.