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PRO TREK PRG-340 Climber Line

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PRO TREK PRG-340 Climber Line

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The tool watch has come a long way since the days when an adventurer aimed to summit a mountain and only needed it to keep track of time. Nowadays, if you do something difficult, you’d expect more from the device on your wrist. You probably won’t reach for a piece of jewelry; you’d go for a PRO TREK. The PRO TREK PRG-340 has everything you might need and then some. It has features that can come in handy whether commuting to work or thru-hiking. And yes, it tells the time too.

The first thing you notice about the PRG-340 is its display. It’s big and easy to read in the hopes that you get the information you need with nothing more than a glance. The LCD also has a very bright LED backlight for when lighting isn’t in your favor. Speaking of the display, the PRG-340 has two of them. The duplex LCD is divided based on function. The primary display shows time and other important information, while the secondary display overlays the compass graphics.

Scratch-resistant mineral glass protects both displays, as you’d expect from a PRO TREK. The movement also comes with Tough Solar functionality, the brand's unique method of powering a watch with solar energy. With minimal light, the PRG-340 can last up to 7 months, so even if you don’t wear it every day, you won’t have to worry about it the next time you pull it out of your watch box. You might not expect that they used biomass plastics to make the case, case back, and band, with the case itself coming in at 51.7mm of impressive wrist presence. It uses materials sourced from corn and other plant matter. The hope is to reduce the environmental impact by using materials that can be recycled or reused to make different products. The PRG-340 weighs 54g with a resin band and 87g when opting for a titanium one.

You get all the standard features you’d expect from a PRO TREK, like one-touch Triple Sensor Technology (bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, temperature), world time, stopwatch, countdown timer, and up to 5 alarms, but you also get so much more. Surrounding the displays is one of the critical features of this watch: the rotating compass bezel. Combined with the secondary compass overlay, you can use the PRG-340 to gather your bearings at a glance. Plus, the watch can lie completely flat, so if you also have a map, it can act as a traditional compass to help you determine which direction to go. Compass aside, the PRG-340 also has a built-in thermometer and barometer/altimeter, all accessible via dedicated function buttons so you can get to them even while wearing gloves. While that may seem small, not having to navigate through dense menus is a game changer.

The PRG-340 comes in three band options: black biomass, green biomass, and titanium. It can handle even the most extreme elements regardless of which model you choose. It’s water-resistant down to 100 meters, and low-temperature resistant (-10C/14F). Whether you’re looking for a tough watch to wear daily or want an adventure watch that you won’t have to baby, the PRO TREK PRG-340 is worth your consideration.

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