full backpack edc

Krystof sorm
Craftsman (age 23)
Praha, Czech Republic

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Daniel Griffin ·
Nice carry. Looks like it would cover a variety of problems you may encounter through the day.
Krystof sorm ·
maxpedition e.d.c organizer
What's the pouch that items 21-26 are in?
Krystof sorm ·
one time when i was trying to do some art from wire] but wingman have a scissors and small knife and i keep it sharp and clean to first aid. my mut is for hard work
Scott Johnson ·
Have you used both leatherman's at the same time?
Krystof sorm ·
just little. i must find a bit for it. thanks
Eugene ·
Nice EDC. But that knife repair screwdriver isn't too big for compact EDC?
Krystof sorm ·
because they dont bend and they are useful. to pin it poster to simple woodwork etc.(sorry about my english i dont speak very well and its complicated to me describe more complex idea)
Krystof, just curious: why concrete nails in your mini bag?