Field Notes Two Rivers Limited Edition Pocket Notebook


Every quarter, Field Notes pulls out all the stops and releases a special edition 3-pack of their iconic pocket notebooks. The most recent “Two Rivers” edition is no exception. Paying homage to America’s history of wood type and letterpress printing, no two covers are alike. The cover of each book was printed on vintage presses at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum over the course of eight months. The “Two Rivers” books are an edition of 25,000 and $2 from the sale of each pack is being donated to the museum to preserve a piece of American history. We've outlined the benefits of carrying a pocket notebook, and these are a great way to get you started!

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Oh great, yet MORE Field Notes that I must possess.
I think this is one of the cooler editions. I really like how there's a handmade element to each book and that no two are alike. They really outdid themselves on this run!
Incredibly cool, Ed.
Thank you sir!
Yo this shit is overpriced garbage.
So neat, probably gonna order some.
Well I didn't exactly need it, but I watched the video of them making it and was convinced to buy a pack.