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Grid-It and Pocket Dump: these are part of my EDC on an average work day. I also keep a small custom survival kit in my bag at all times and an M&P 9mm on occasion, but if I included that all, I figured it would be a bit overkill haha.

Top Row (Grid-It):
I keep the Grid-It in my laptop bag or backpack and it holds everything on the top row and keeps it accessible and organized. Couple highlights new to the group are the Boker Plus Urban Survival knife with imitation pen end (so I can carry it openly in more formal meetings) and the Breach Cruiser Pry Bar and Marlin Spike from Vehement knives, which I am honestly surprised at how often I have used since I started incorporating in the EDC.

Can't say enough about the ZT. It is on the edge as far as EDC knives go on size, but carries like something much smaller and performs like something much larger. Couple custom items on the keychain which really come in handy.

Bottom Row:
Custom black-washed SOG Snarl for my concealed backup. The Skinth is by far the best multitool holster I have ever used: high quality, low profile and it holds one of my bit cards, a Preon, Ti Charge, and Fisher Space Pen. Also, love the thin, leather Zeroz wallet.

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Eric ·
Dude! I love it. It looks a lot like mine but with a few differences. Instead of a leather mt I have the victorinox mt, and alox minichamp and farmer in my load. Plus a Ton of crap on my "keychain of death". but very cool proof that great minds think alike.
Eric ·
and i dont carry my Snarl anymore. I want a genuine Brous SS 2.0 ranger style.
Jon ·
Haha, that they do Eric! Only thing we have to watch for is that I have been told that at some point, there is such a thing as "too much gear" haha. I can't imagine how that is possible, but you never know. I guess the fact that I couldn't fit just my EDC gear in one photo is a sign...
Hayden Nininger ·
I love that marlin spike, it looks like a million bucks! I've always wanted one so a while back I made one from one of those massive stake nails, It's works okay I guess but it constantly rusts. I'd love to get one but I'm not sure if I'd use it as much as I would need to after spending $60 on it. Do you get your moneys worth out of yours?
Surprisingly yes Hayden. As I mentioned in my original post, I have been using it a ton for knot and ropework, but it really comes in handy for other tasks where you don't want to chip a knife blade etc. and need to poke or punch something out.
Cthulhu ·
You carry duplicated bits? What's your opinion on the quality of those?
Hi Cthulhu, none of the bits are duplicate actually. There are various size differences on the same types of bits, metric and standard for the hex bits, and then Torx. I carry the most frequent use ones on my person in the Skynth. These include a few torx for adjusting knives etc, main screwdrivers, and then the hex bits I need for my motorcycle. Honestly, the quality is pretty top notch and i have never had any break or wear without gross misuse.
Ádám Varga ·
I like the tools, but honestly this would be too much redundancy for me to carry. So many lights and knives lols.
Isn't this too heavy l?
Hi Ádám, I spread the load out. As I mention in the post, I only carry the bottom row of items on my person. The rest lives in my backpack or laptop bag so the weight is easily distributed and even in total does not add much when carried in a bag, as all of them were selected for size/weight/functionality balance. In addition, I cannot tell you how many times I have used each of these tools for various specific tasks.
Oscar Stewart ·
Prepared for anything!
Haha, do my best! I am not going to lie though - I don't think I will ever feel fully prepared haha.