Field Notes Workshop Companion Edition

Field Notes Workshop Companion Edition

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Every season, Field Notes releases a themed limited edition, usually including several unique details not seen in the regular pocket notebooks. Enter the Field Notes Workshop Companion set. This set of 6 books is packaged in a cardboard slip cover and they’re themed to help you get work done. Each book represents a different sect of DIY-handiwork, from electrical to plumbing. The covers are heavy 100 lb. stock that feels like it will stand up to being tossed in a toolbox or back pocket. The paper inside is heavier than normal, allowing you to write with markers, fountain pens, and rollerballs without messy bleed through to the back of the page. Head over to Field Notes and grab one before this limited edition is gone!


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I ordered mine already. I intend on keeping them in the garage rather than EDCing them, but Field Notes is showing themselves to be the finest notebook brand around.
I already feel handier... and handsier
i was excited when i first saw these. but i only wanted a set of just plumbing.
what case is behind them
It's a Union branded steel tool box that they were throwing out at work. I saved it from the garbage and now I store fountain pen ink and accessories in there.