Quality and toughness

Reuben Reynoso
Photographer (age 44)
Los Angeles, California
These 8 items are almost always on me, as a whole package, or in some variation. I'd say I carry these 90% of the time, though I have other setups for other situations i.e. going out at night, work environments: underwater, jungle, desert, urban.

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Hey for future submissions please do not add more than the product make and model in the title field. All the descriptions you entered should be entered in the last step of the submission process when it gives you the "description" box, not in the title field for the products. Thanks!
Reuben Reynoso ·
Gotcha, I'll remember that for next time! Cheers.
Robert Fejes ·
That's what I'm talking about - Marathon, Surefire & Spyderco. Can't beat them.
Reuben Reynoso ·
They last forever!
Josh ·
What materials did you use to make the "home made" lockpick set, I have find it very hard to find the write stuff.
Benson ·
Josh, I don't know about Reuben, but I made myself a low budget Bogota-style pick set using a steel windshield wiper insert. I cut the pick mainly with a dremel.
blackfeathers ·
i'm curious too on the material in the picture. they look like popsicle sticks.

one of the things i like about bogota-style picks is the polished edges, which allows them to glide into a pin tumbler assembly smoothly.
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